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Camping For The First Time? Here’s How You Can Make Your Experience The Best

Camping For The First Time? Here’s How You Can Make Your Experience The Best

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably love the outdoors. But, the constant buzzing of city life. So, would you consider camping in the mountains or some other spot nature has preserved?

Camping sounds appealing. The fresh air and tranquillity work wonders deep within your soul. They translate to clarity even in your thoughts. Therefore, what should you put into consideration if it’s your first time camping out?

1. Lose your fear of dirt

We share your passion for hygiene. Once you’re camping, prepare to get your hands dirty. There’s a good chance you’ll drink dirt, maybe eat some too. Here is where proper sanitation measures become essential to keep your food supply and provisions clean. However, the dirt you’ll encounter will mostly not be enough to hurt you.

2. Go lean! Only take what you need

It is not exactly easy to pack light for camping. You must plan for unforeseen circumstances, and it’ll be nearly impossible to buy things you forget to bring. It’s just better to ensure you have everything you think you’ll need.

Don’t pack speakers, iPads, or any other luxury items. You’ll undoubtedly need items for nourishment, warmth, sleep, and shelter. Always carefully consider the weight and size of anything else you’re taking.

Essential items for camping include tent and rain fly, sleeping mat (or bag), a pillow, covering for cold weather, a rain shell, water purification system, and toiletries. A book or hammock is enough “excess luggage.”

Since you can’t be too sure you won’t get injuries, have necessary medical supplies on-hand. A Camping first-aid kit is critical. Just the basics would suffice – aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, cold compress, a thermometer, and so forth.

3. Get creative to add some spice to the trip

Camping tests your resourcefulness. Your creativity shines when you realise you forgot something. For instance, what happens if you forget plates for food? You could resort to paper bags. And cutlery? You might need to make do with your hands (and risk a little more dirt as we pointed out earlier). How about forgetting toilet paper? We’ll let your imagination figure this one out.

The point is that camping demands that you lose your ego and do everything necessary to make you comfortable. You will develop the essential skills in pitching a tent, starting a fire, and finding clear water.

4. Prepare properly

Unlike regular travel, camping makes it hard to excuse a lot of things. Ample research and preparation improve the experience. What are the rules of the park? What species of wildlife are there? What if you encounter a bear or rattlesnake? What will the weather be like? You need to prepare for rain, high winds, and even bugs.

On the other hand, it may interest you to know the most beautiful views in the area. Such prior research can make or mar your trip, so it’s important to invest adequate time to do it.

5. Understand why you should even consider camping

Camping can be more taxing and less luxurious than a hotel getaway. But, a hotel could only offer less amazing views and more artificial experiences. You can sleep under the full glare of our galaxy’s stars. You can even watch the breathtaking orange sunrise over the plains. How about listening to the tranquil sounds of running water? These and more are absent from hotel accommodation.

As a first-time camper, this checklist can prepare you for the most relevant and exciting experience of the world’s natural wonders and beautiful landscapes.


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