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15 of the Most Admired Hollywood Smiles

15 of the Most Admired Hollywood Smiles

When you earn your living in Hollywood, two things are true. One is that you’ll have to spend a lot of time smiling, so your dental formula is very important. Two is that you’ll have to invest a lot in your appearance, so while you might eat healthily, hit the gym, and consider some cosmetic surgery, you need to give your smile some special loving.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s study the cases of a few Hollywood stars, and the difference their teeth made in their careers. Most of these names will surprise you because their teeth aren’t the first thing you think of when their names come up. But if you take a moment to view their before-and-after pictures, you might be tempted to make a quick dental appointment of your own.

The thing about cosmetic dental procedures is you can’t hide them. Many celebrities get into arguments about whether their breasts, weight-loss or facial features are real, but with teeth, it’s quite easy to see the change. Join us we take a closer look at these stars, and at what happens when they say cheese!

Celine Dione is a Canadian songstress who had her first global hit just a few months after learning to speak English (her native tongue is French). She was just 15 when the world first discovered her, and we soon fell in love with her. She is known for her powerful voice and her gentle demeanour.

Zac Effron went from teenage heartthrob to everyone-else’s heartthrob. When he had his huge breakout role in High School Musical, his goofy grin, boyish haircut, smooth dance moves and soulful voice broke a few hearts. Since then, he has gone full macho with sexy leading roles, washboard abs, and a killer smile to match.

Not many people remember LeAnn Rimes at 14. Or rather, not many people remember what her teeth looked like. The world was far more focused on her booming vocals and her beautiful blonde physique as she belted How do I live without you. As she’s gotten older, she hasn’t been in the limelight quite as much, but when she is, you’re tempted to get the number of her dentist.

15 of the most admired Hollywood smiles

You might know Noel Gallagher as the lead singer for Oasis. He was once quoted as saying his band was bigger than Jesus and the Beatles. He tends to make a lot of outrageous claims and a write a lot of good songs, which means he gets a lot of pictures taken. Fortunately, his new set of teeth made him a lot more photogenic.

Rappers may be too gangsta for a lot of things, but they’re not too street to fix their teeth. Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 cent, figured his bling wasn’t the only thing that needed to sparkle. He had some work done on his teeth, and his smile is better for it.

Not all sportspeople make it to Hollywood, but some footballers have undeniable star power … and equally undeniable bad teeth. Fortunately, they had the foresight to do something about it, and their agents are certainly grateful. Just take a look and the before-and-after mugs of Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, who both wore the Number 7 jersey for Manchester United.

When regular people become stars, getting a making over is the standard part of the process. The public will notice the drastic transformation in hair and fashion, but unless it’s pointed out, they might not observe the changes in their teeth. Case in point: Former One Direction member Niall Horan and former Spice Girl Melanie ‘Sporty Spice’ Chisolm.

We’re all familiar with Neville Longbottom’s transformation from the chubby clutz in Harry Potter to the shirtless heartthrob on Twitter and beyond. But while we were all distracted by his trim physique and sculpted abs, he was working on his smile as well, so eyes up here, please!

Can you imagine Gwen Stefani in braces? Her fit physique and trademark blonde hair often turns heads, but it’s good to know her teeth didn’t get that straight all on their own. And you know who else had bad teeth? Morgan ‘The Voice’ Freeman, who now has a smile to match his sound.

Another star better known for his voice was Ronan Keating. His lyrics turned millions to goo in the mid-nineties as a member of Boyzone. By the time he started his solo career, his much-improved smile was warming hearts as well.

Miley Cyrus made her name as a loud teenage songstress with a hidden Disney identity. But as she grew up, Hannah Montana took on a far more sensual persona, with a daring look and eye-popping stage performances. And just take a look at her … teeth!

Closing off the list is one of the most famous smiles in Hollywood, though he is better known for Scientology and jumping up-and-down on couches. Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Cruise. Also, call your dentist.

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