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Top Tips For Flying Hassle-Free With Kids

Top Tips For Flying Hassle-Free With Kids

As soon as you turn up at the airport, you can see that everyone is thinking the same thing about you: “Please don’t let my seat be next to that child.” Kids have a bad reputation when it comes to flights, but you can prove everyone wrong and show them not all kids yell and make a commotion throughout a flight.


The job is even harder for you as a parent that has to keep your children quiet and happy while trapped for hours in a confined space. So, what is the best way to keep your children occupied during a flight?

Here are some top tips for preparing for the flight and also for airport parking in Sydney and making it an enjoyable experience for you and everyone else on the plane!



Children and infants often cry if their ears hurt from the changes in air pressure. While it’s not good for children to have too many sweets generally, having lollies or lollipops on hand for children can be a lifesaver and help their ears to pop and equalise the pressure.


Try to prevent your children from catching colds just before the flight as congestion can also lead to painful ears on the flight. Keep them away from other children at least three days beforehand if you can and anyone eles you know who has a cold.


You can also ask in the health food shop for immune-boosting natural supplements, such as Echinacea to reduce their risk of getting sick.



When your child starts to get a bit fretful you can head off a full-blown tantrum by pulling out a new toy they haven’t seen before. Just make sure toys aren’t noisy and don’t have lots of small pieces that can get dropped on the floor and between seats.



  • Playing cards
  • Action figures
  • Activity books, story books and comics


And although many parents don’t like their kids to start relying on computer games for entertainment, a long flight could be the exception to the rule. There are lots of educational games available now that you can download on your phone or tablet, or you can buy specially designed learning laptops that will absorb children for hours.



Kids get fractious and unsettled when they are over-tired. Encourage them to sleep by bringing a cosy soft blanket, their own pillow and their favourite bedtime soft toy. Familiar items will help them to feel calm and settled.

There are also natural, safe homoeopathic remedies you can buy from the health food shop which can help kids to relax and be calm.



Flights are very dehydrating and can add to a child’s general physical discomfort during a flight. Make sure they have plenty of water to drink throughout.

We hope these tips help keep your playful tots calm and happy.


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