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10 Milestones Your Boss Should Reward You

10 Milestones Your Boss Should Reward You For at Work

There are good bosses and then they’re mean bosses… Just like the movie! You’ll know if you have a good manager, as they’ll be encouraging, positive, motivating, and reward their workers when they hit significant milestones! Rewards usually come in the form of appreciative tokens, like gift baskets, or little presents.

10 Milestones Your Boss Should Reward You for at Work

Here are some occasions where a nice gift is a perfect way for your boss to say thanks for everything that you’ve done for the company.

1. A promotion

An internal promotion within your company means that you’re moving up the ladder and experienced enough to take the reigns more – go you! Most bosses will give a little gift when you receive a promotion, especially if you’re training somebody to move into your old job.

2. Successful completion of a large project

You’ve worked long and hard on a big project, and it’s finally complete. Your boss is likely over the moon that it’s all gone smoothly and now wrapped up, so they should be saying thank you for all your time and effort on the task. And then on to the next one, of course!

3. Winning a big new client

Are you in charge of bringing in new clients? Or perhaps you’ve just been a great networker and reeled in some new business for your company while out and about at social occasions? If you have managed to get a big client signed up with your company, then that’s more than enough reason for a little treat.

4. Completion of a university course

Just finished part time studies in a course relevant to your job? It means that you’ve upskilled and are now a greater asset to your company. Bringing in your new skills might open up different avenues of working or new roles, and your boss should be impressed.

5. Pulling an all nighter / significant overtime /working weekends to finish a project on time

It can be absolutely exhausting finishing up a project on time, if you have really put yourself on the line to get things finished on time, then your boss has some serious rewarding to do. After all, you are putting your blood sweat, and tears into keeping your company’s 5-star reputation here!

6. Recommending someone for a position who then gets hired

Bosses love hiring people who fit right in with the company culture. So if you end up recommending a friend or family member for a position who you think would be perfect for the role, then it’s win-win on all accounts.

7. Putting together the office Christmas party/golf day/picnic in the park / etc.

Organising company events isn’t using a role assigned to anyone, someone usually just puts their hand up – and it can be a lot of work! While everyone has fun on the day, it’s important to acknowledge the hard work you put in behind the scenes if this was your role.

8. Saving the business money by finding a significantly better value provider

Have you found a way to make some significant savings on the books, perhaps with a different service provider or contractor? If this is the case, then a token of their appreciation is always welcome!

9. Starting a family

Even though it’s not a work achievement, starting a family sure is a big life achievement! Having a baby makes you appreciate life that little bit more, and it’s appropriate for your boss to show just how much they enjoy your being a part of the work “family” at this significant life event.

10. Moving on to a new job elsewhere

Even though your boss will probably be sad that you’re leaving for a new role (because they want you to stay on forever of course!) a parting gift at the end of your service is always the perfect way to say thanks. Don’t forget to keep in touch if they were a great employer!

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