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Why Airport Valet Parking is A Huge Lifehack

Why Airport Valet Parking is A Huge Lifehack

Treat yourself with a pleasant departure and drive your car directly to the terminal where it will be accepted by airport valet parking staff. This way you can start your trip easy and relaxed, as you don’t have to go through the annoying process of looking for parking space and expensive transfer.


One of the most convenient reasons for using valet parking at the airport is the aspect that is time-saving. If you got stuck in traffic and are late for your flight, imagine you still have to circle the car park in search of a parking space and get to your gate on time. Standard airport parking is often far away from your terminal and if you have to rely on public transport or airport transfer when you’re already late, chances are your plane is gone before you have even cleared security. Travelers of all kinds, but especially businessmen- and women protect themselves from this scenario to happen by preferring valet parking. The opportunity to drive directly to the terminal and have a valet parking driver meet you on departure is the best chance to arrive easily and relaxed at your destination and furthermore, reduces the risk of missing a flight.


Whether you are on holiday or an assigned business trip, due to fully gated and access restricted parking facilities, valet parking offers 24/7 security for your car by the means of security patrols and quality lighting. In fact, one of the biggest advantages people state when using the service of valet parking at Sydney airport is safety. Off-site parking can be far away from the airport and especially when you arrive back late at night and are alone, you don’t want to worry about finding your car in a dark corner of a car park. This is why so many people decide to book valet parking as the convenience of having their car ready and waiting for them at the terminal to get straight in and drive away is unbeatable.


Another reason that explains why airport valet parking is a huge life hack is the special assistance you get through the trained staff if need be. Going on holiday as a family can be stressful with all the luggage while having to look after the little ones to get everyone on board. Airport valet parking is perfect for families and those needing special assistance as you can get out of your car and let the staff take care of your bags and automobile to send you off to the trip you deserve.


The service is also incredibly handy when you are still in holiday mode and maybe had a few Bintangs too many the night before you boarded the plane that took you back from Bali. Maybe you forgot about the local weather and step off the plane in your thongs and shorts only to be greeted with grey skies, rain and wind. Doesn’t the thought of you having to make your way to your car off site cringe? Valet parking saves you from definitely catching a cold, as your car will happily await you at the terminal no matter your outfit and whatever the weather.


Of course, we know that a lot of people worry that valet parking is expensive because the car is picked up and dropped off right outside the terminal. But when you think about the time you save by getting straight to your terminal and the extra cost of transfer fees or even a taxi because cheaper parking is further away the service is actually quite cheap.


To come to a close, we should also point out that a lot of valet parking businesses also offer further services while you are away. Coming home to a clean and shiny bright car that awaits you right at the arrival gate might be something to look forward to after the holidays are over. Hence next time you are going on a trip, give airport valet parking a try, as more convenience is almost impossible.


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