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Why I Always Drive Myself to The Airport

Why I Always Drive Myself to The Airport

In my line of work, I am always flying from one place to another, then back home again for the weekends. It’s fair to say that I spend a lot of time travelling to and from the airport. I used to rely on taxis or Uber to make my way to the airport for yet another flight. The key word being ‘used to’. After a few no-shows and missed flights I decided to give them a miss and now I drive myself.


Why? You may ask

For starters, I love driving my car, which I rarely get to do because of the nature of my job. My car is usually parked in the garage all week and I only get to drive it on weekends. It may not sound like a luxury, but when you work hard and shell out for the car of your dreams, of course, you are going to want to take it for a spin.


So whenever I have to fly, I drive to the airport with my music up. This puts me in a good mood before I have to go through the boring rigmarole of checking in and waiting around the airport. You’d think I would be used to by now, but some people aren’t meant for this kind of endeavour – and I am one. I love my job, it’s just the airports that are a pain.


The best thing about driving myself to the airport is the independence it gives. No longer do I have to rely on a taxi or Uber to get me to the airport on time. If I want to stop to get a meal before I get to the airport, it’s no big deal. I despise airport food, so I do this more often than not.


I found out about the park and fly services available – which is why I started driving. If definitely makes the whole experience more tolerable. I roll up in my car where I am greeted by a smiling valet who takes my keys and helps me with my luggage. Then I am briskly shuttled off to the airport. I love the peace of mind that the secure airport parking offers. It fully equipped with the latest security cameras and systems. They also have a guard that patrols carpark on a regular basis. So my baby is safe and sound. It’s probably safer there than it is at home.


I always opt for the undercover parking because I feel my car deserves to be protected from the elements, especially if I’m away for the whole week. There are outdoor options for the budget conscious as well or if you’re taking a short trip and don’t mind your car being outside. The outside parking is still fully secure.


Ten days parking is comparable to catching an Uber or taxi to the airport and back, so for me, it’s a no brainer. Not only is it cost effective, the park and fly service also offers a frequent reward system that you can redeem on car care or even knock a few dollars off your next parking fee.


That brings me to the car care services they have available. There is nothing like getting off the plane and getting into your own squeaky-clean car to drive home in. They offer all the services a professional detailer would, except they do it all while you’re out of town. You can get a full detail, wash and wax, or even a superwash that involves an extensive clean, inside and out. Depending on the state of my car, I usually go for the superwash because I love getting into my car and smelling that new car smell.


When my plane arrives home there is a shuttle waiting for me that takes me directly to my car. The valet throws me the keys, helps me with my bags and I’m on my way home.


I love driving my car to the airport and I wish I knew about these park and fly services a long time ago. Better late than late than never, I guess! I haven’t looked back since.


The service is truly amazing and the staff are super friendly. I fly so much I’m on a first name basis with most of the valets. When I’m driving home with the airport in my rear-view mirror and my music loud I’m at a moment of peace, knowing that I have a few days off before I have to go back to the airport and say hello to my valet friends once again. It’s the simple pleasures that make life easier and the park and fly service does exactly that. Forget Uber, forget taxis. Drive yourself to the airport and utilize the park and fly service. It’s a winner.


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