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Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Team

We all know that parenting is a tough job. But a working parent is a whole different story as it means juggling family commitments and a career. Appreciating the contributions and commitments a mother does in the workplace and at home should be celebrated and reflected upon by every employer. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to let the Mums in your workplace know how much you appreciate their hard work by giving your employees recognition through a little gift. You could do so, by handing out single pink carnations to them before they head home for the weekend. But if you really want to let them know that you as an employer value the talent every mother brings to the table and want to make your employees feel extra special, we have chosen just the right ones for you to give to the hardworking mums in your team.


Lunch Voucher

Give the moms in your company a break from sad desk lunches and honour them by sending them off to a nice local lunch spot the Friday before Mother’s Day. This way they don’t have to wait in line to get a table but will also be able to spend some colleague quality time together and have a delicious meal with maybe even a nice cocktail to go with. Depending on how much you want to impress them, you could also give them the rest of the day off.


Hire A Yoga teacher

If your Company is spacious enough and you even have shower facilities, hire a yoga teacher to come in a couple of times on a Monday morning and let the moms on your team have a relaxing start into the new week. As Yoga has long been shown to alleviate the symptoms of many chronic conditions including high blood pressure, arthritis and poor sleep, by offering yoga classes you make sure your employees stay fit and healthy throughout the week.

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Hamper of Sweet Treats

A gift basket full of delicious goodies to feast on over the weekend makes always a welcome surprise. The Hamper Of Sweet Treats filled with delectable Mother’s Day celebrations such as Anna’s Ginger Thins and Lollyshop Raspberry Cream Bullseyes Boiled Lollies ensures to make any kind of mum feel suitably spoiled is a great way to show how much you appreciate the mothers in your workplace. The luxurious offering will hold a treat for anyone and by gifting a whole hamper you gift a whole family.


Theatre Tickets To A Children’s Play

Part of what’s happening on a theatre stage is very similar to the play-acting and role-playing children do. Research has found out that children who make time for arts are later also more involved in community service and will connect to the importance of ready more easily. Across the country, there are amazing places, which offer theatre for young audiences. If your company employs mothers with children who might not otherwise get the opportunity to experience the arts, get them tickets for a popular play to see a storybook leap off the page for an unforgettable family moment.


A Coupon For An Afternoon Off

Another way of saying thank you to the hard-working mums in your workplace is a time off coupon, as time is very precious. Especially if your employees have school-age children, there is never enough time to do something special for themselves after work or even attend an important sports event their children might be in. This gift does not cost your company extra money but is very special and will be highly appreciated.


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