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Submission Wrestling vs. Grappling

Submission Wrestling vs. Grappling

Many people confuse the terms grappling and submission wrestling. While both terms involve clinches and submission holds, submission wrestling is a style of combat or martial art made popular by the rise of MMA and grappling is the series of techniques used to make your opponent submit or “tap out”. A submission wrestler is proficient in grappling.

The ultimate goal of submission wrestling is to force your opponent to surrender by using grappling techniques to control him and bring him to a state of helplessness where he has no choice but to surrender. Submission wrestling occurs most often on the ground with opponents striving to control the other through locks, chokes or similar techniques that would make the opponent helpless to the point of surrender (submission).

To be competitive in submission wrestling, you must develop quick defensive reflexes that enable you to side-step and escape and to get yourself out of the way of dangerous locks and holds. While you would like to dominate your opponent, you must also focus on avoiding his attacks. If you drop your guard, you may find yourself pinned to the ground. Knowing how to avoid these holds will greatly increase your success rate.

You must also know how to reverse holds and clinches in order to shift the advantage on your side. Sweeps and reverse techniques are very effective in turning a losing position to a winning one. Pinning your opponent would enable you to gain more competition points or remain in a dominant position. Learn and practice these techniques to help you know what to expect in submission wrestling matches and how to control your opponent.

Grappling often refers to the series of techniques you use to overpower your opponent, movements you use to make your opponent surrender and submit. Grappling is about gaining advantage through use of energy or force on your opponent. In some disciplines like MMA, grappling can be used alongside other tactics including strikes or kicks.

Grappling often involves submission holds and pinning techniques. Pinning your opponent in a position where he cannot move is an effective grappling technique and often leads to victory. You should also learn and practice sweeps, reversals, turnovers and escapes. Sweeps and reversals occur quickly and simultaneously, allowing you to regain control from a position of being locked down and dominated. Escapes are techniques and movements that help you out of dangerous holds or lock doens.

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