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How Often Should You Design New Catalogues?

Your catalogue is a structured compilation of your service and product offerings. It’s a virtual storefront, and it can be in the form of a printed document or an online portal. Ideally, it should display everything you have in stock. Regarding services, it should have a detailed description of the customer solutions that you provide.

Depending on the type of business that you’re in, your products and services may remain consistent or frequently change. For example, a provider of fresh fruit or seasonal flowers needs to change their catalogue more often than a car manufacturer or a fashion designer.

Follow the seasons

Top designers release a new line every season. Midrange retail brands may be more driven by changes in weather than commercial patterns. So, for example, you can design a catalogue for Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Other products have event-driven sales cycles so that you might have a special edition catalogue for Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday.

Similarly, industries that are seasonal need to follow their calendar. In Australia, most weddings happen in Autumn and Spring, so a wedding vendor may time their catalogues to be released during wedding season. On the other hand, a global wedding service provider may release multiple catalogues to match different wedding seasons around the world.


Keep up with technology

In certain industries like mobile phones or laptops, a new product is released every two years or so. Other times, an update in a specific component can spill over into all related areas. For example, if a new microchip is released, then it’s likely all technology companies will cash in on it. Similarly, an advance in gorilla glass would affect multiple phone manufacturers.

If your business is related to phones, computers, or electronics, you should release a catalogue every time technology is upgraded. This could apply to operation system updates, individual components, or new technological discoveries.

You may not necessarily have products within that line, but you can cash in on related products. Say Android has released an update. You can produce a targeted catalogue that mentions the Android update and highlights all your Android phones.

Release an annual listing

Even if your product line or service list is consistent, prices can change due to market factors. Exchange rates, inflation, and other financial factors can change the cost of raw materials, components, and labour forces. It’s essential to adjust your pricing so that you can maintain your profit margins and keep your business running.

To ensure that your pricing is up to date, you should publish an annual catalogue with price adjustments. It may be tempting to use the same catalogue from the previous year and just change the prices, but that may confuse and puzzle clients. Update the catalogue with a few new models or some fresh photography.

Prepare for industry events

Is there a relevant exhibition or conference taking place in your neighbourhood? It might be a local product launch, an entertainment festival, or a trade exhibition. Industry events are planned months in advance, so you’ll plenty of time to prepare. Even if you don’t have an exhibition stand at the event, it may be possible to distribute marketing materials.

There are two ways to approach this. You could produce catalogues that will be strategically offered to event attendees, or you could capitalise in some other way. For example, you might produce a catalogue that contains information about the industry event, or you could tailor your theme and colour scheme to benefit from the event.

You could even offer limited offers and discounts for the duration of the festival and list them prominently in your new catalogue. This way, you catch a captive audience. Anyone aware of the event is already in a mind frame to learn about related products and services. Some come with the intent to buy, and having a convenient catalogue will help you cash in.

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