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How to Improve Your Sex Life?

Is your sex life suffering or non-existent? Well, this post might be of some interest to you as we discuss the ways to improve your sex life whether you are single or in a relationship that is lacking passion and sexual desire. Somethings are easier to fix than others and it all depends on the individual. In this post, we will delve into some things that may be getting in the way of you having a healthy sex life.

Lacking Libido or Interest in Sex

This can be from a number of different reasons and is more common in women than men. Although men do suffer from lack of sex drive due to aging and testosterone production slows, which in turn lowers your sex drive. It’s a good idea to see your doctor and get some tests done such as blood work and hormone levels to find if the reason for your lack of sex drive is due some physical or bodily ailment.

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and engaging in regular exercise is crucial in maintaining a happy healthy life and that also includes your sex life. Being fit and healthy will have your body in great shape and you will be more appealing to the opposite sex. Regular exercise will boost your testosterone levels and do longer lasting sex. Plus, when it comes to time to do the deed you will be able to last longer and not puff out and increase the pleasure and length of your sexual experiences.

Partner Problems

Sometimes the passion in your relationship will suffer to the point of disappearing all together. It’s quite common for long-term couples to lose interest and the fire slowly dies out. This can be due to many reasons such as weight gain or personal hygiene issues, all the way to betrayal problems where one of the partners has had an affair and the act of sex triggers bad memories and feelings of angst towards the partner.

If weight gain and poor hygiene are the problems, the matter should be discussed in a very tactful way as not to hurt the other person. Have the talk and suggest ways to fix the problems rather than spouting of insults. Remember to play nice, kids.

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Always remember to focus on what you find attractive about your partner rather than what you don’t and hopefully you can rekindle some magic.

Be spontaneous and don’t be afraid to mix it up in the bedroom or even the kitchen for that matter. Spontaneous encounters will keep the spice alive and bring you and your partner closer together.

When you partner no longer responds to your sexual advances it can be quite crippling to the ego and the mind will wander and try to come up with reasons why it’s happening.

Some Common Reasons for a Non-Responsive Partner

Sometimes stress and lack of sleep in a person’s life can have a dramatic effect on libido. Your libido is one of the first things to go if you are overtired and the last thing on your tired mind and body at the end of the day is sex.

Another reason is that your partner has criticised your sexual performance which can be a real turn off and make them apprehensive about having sex due to the fear and pressure to perform.

Being a selfish lover is another way to kill your sex life. Sex is a dance and it takes two to tango. Make sure you are both getting what you need from the experience and this can be achieved by sitting down having a chat about your likes and dislikes. Foreplay is essential especially for women, as men tend to climax earlier, it’s important to get your girl’s motor humming with some steamy foreplay so she too can climax. It’s not all about the big O, but it helps if you both get to climax while partaking in sexual intercourse.

There is also the possibility that your sex life has become regimental or monotonous, going through the same motions all the time. So mix it up in the bedroom and experiment to keep your sex life fresh and fun.

Unfortunately, as we age our libido loses momentum as the years roll on by. This can be combatted by staying fit and healthy and eating a balanced diet.

Painful Sex

Women sometimes experience painful sensations when penetrated at certain angles. This can be quite unpleasant, and it will make them associate pain with sex, so they are less likely to be turned on at the thought of it. There are also issues of lubrication in older women, and sometimes even the inability to relax her vaginal muscles. If you or your partner are feeling pain while having sex don’t be afraid speak out and tell them as soon it happens.

If you take all these suggestions into consideration you should have your sex life back on track in no time. If your relationship is still lacking the lust you desire it might worth seeing a sex therapist and they will help get your love life back on track.

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