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Why Some Adult Teeth Come Through So Much Later Than Others

Ever though why some of us start growing quicker than others in primary school? Why some get acne and some don’t? Why are some of us hairier than others?

It’s the same reason that some adult teeth come through so much later than others. Some people don’t even have a few of them come in at all! We are all unique individuals. Most of us hit milestones at the same time, whereas other are early, or late, and some don’t even reach them at all.

It’s all part of the bell curve of life!


Why Some Adult Teeth Come Through So Much Later


It’s in the genes

Oftentimes, if some of your child’s adult teeth are erupting much later than others, it’s all down to genetics. Even if it didn’t happen to you, maybe it happened to your grandmother, or your uncle, or your partner’s dad, or their aunt.


Could it be their nutrition?

How does your child eat? If they are not getting a range of fresh fruit and veggies, grains and protein, and have an extremely limited diet, then this can be a cause for concern – and can also make adult teeth come in later. To deal with this issue, it may be best to speak to a specialised children’s dietician. Building healthy eating habits early keeps them in good stead later in life.


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Is your child sick?

If some of your kid’s adult teeth have come in, and others are taking a lot longer to pop up, then have a think back. Have they been affected by an illness for an extended period of time? How is their health? Children with pituitary and thyroid problems can have adult teeth erupting much later than healthy children can. If this is a worry of yours, take them to the doctor to have it checked. If they have had a bout of another serious illness before, such as pneumonia, this can have an effect on overall health, too – including adult teeth coming through.

If you are concerned about your children’s teeth, then the best course of action is to take them to a professional dentistry centre for an evaluation. At Dental Avenue Maroubra, we are very experienced in helping children of all ages with their oral health. We can perform an evaluation, see whether your child is having difficulties, and plan out a course of action so that they can be hitting those milestones. We can also perform a full check up to make sure that they don’t have any cavities – in their baby teeth or their adult teeth.

Just remember that everyone is different. Just because some people have some teeth coming in quicker than others doesn’t mean that you necessarily have things to worry about with your child.


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