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How to Avoid Wearing Out Your Clutch

One of the many parts of a truck that is subject to consistent friction while driving is the clutch. Clutches usually have a specific mileage before they wear out and this could range between 10,000 to 150,000 miles depending on how frequently you drive the truck.


However, since a clutch will need to get replaced eventually, there are driving habits you can adopt to reduce the wear and tear process. These habits will help to maximize the mileage before the need to bear the replacement costs for a new clutch.

So, here a few habits you can adopt to ensure that your clutch lasts long;

  1. Keep your Truck in Neutral When You Come to A Stop

Whenever you bring a truck to a stop, you should place the gear in neutral. It is a common habit for most drivers to keep the first gear engaged while holding down the brake. This would place a strain on the clutch, leading to damages that could require the truck driver to replace the clutch. However, it is a much better option to make use of the handbrake to keep the truck stationed.

  • Utilize the Handbrake While Parking

There are times when truck drivers fail to use their handbrakes while parked. By implication, the truck will be left in gear and this would place a lot of pressure on the clutch. Over time, this would lead to the damage of the clutch, and cause the driver to bear replacement costs too early in the lifespan of the truck.

  • Never “Ride the Clutch”

This term refers to the constant habit of keeping the clutch partially pushed down while driving. It can be very damaging to the clutch over time because it forces the pressure pad to grind up against the clutch plate. When this happens, it would create enough friction to make the clutch wear out faster. However, to avoid this, it is best to stay away from the clutch while driving, except when seeking to change the gear.

  • Promptly Switch Gears While Driving

A lot of new truck drivers who are not used to the position of the various gears usually have issues with switching gears quickly. Switching gears too slowly is a habit that needs to be curtailed quickly, because if it goes on for a prolonged period, it would place a lot of strain on the clutch causing it to wear thin.

  • Be Preemptive About Gear Changes

As a truck driver, it is important to always think ahead and try to align gear changes with the situation on the road. This will help to reduce the number of times gear switches are made, and ultimately reduce the speed at which your clutch wears out.

Although the above tips will help you keep your clutch from wearing out too quickly, they will not keep it from wearing out eventually. This is why you need to have quality aftermarket parts ready to replace your truck’s clutch at all times. Simply reach out to auto shops that sell aftermarket truck parts and provide them with the specifications of your truck, and you will get a replacement in no time.

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