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Improve your Truck’s Fuel Efficiency with These Aftermarket Parts

When consumers talk about achieving fuel efficiency, many only consider the driving behaviours related to fuel savings. Those behaviours include driving slower and opening windows rather than using the AC, among others. Although driving tactics are essential, using specific aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAV, IVECO, MAN, and others can positively impact your truck’s fuel efficiency.

Besides saving you money on fuel prices, these aftermarket parts shown below will help to guarantee that your truck runs efficiently. Also, before you attempt any repair or service work on your truck, consult the owner’s manual.


Spark Plugs

The function of spark plugs is to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chambers within the truck’s engine. With a new set of spark plugs, trucks can burn fuel efficiently and run cleaner.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out the service interval that is recommended for spark plug replacement. It’s a pretty straightforward DIY job once you order the aftermarket parts for trucks online.

Air Filter

Dirty air filters significantly affect fuel economy in all trucks and buses, to a point where it can impact driveability. Also, replacing clogged air filters could potentially boost acceleration by up to 10% on fuel-injected trucks.

A clean filter improves the flow of air to your truck’s engine, thus increasing its gas mileage and performance. It is also a relatively easy DIY repair that takes ten minutes with some simple tools.

Oxygen Sensor

Your truck’s oxygen sensor forms an integral part of the vehicle’s emission system. The sensor monitors the levels of oxygen available in the engine. To effectively burn gasoline, many trucks require a 14:1 ration of oxygen to fuel. The sensor helps to maintain that balance. If your vehicle has a faulty or sluggish oxygen sensor, then it will consume more fuel.

When a truck has excessive air, then it is considered as running lean — however, the opposite where not enough air is available means that the car is running rich. Lean running engines cause jerking and poor acceleration, while rich engine mixtures cause it to run hotter and create pollution. Both conditions are undesirable and may cause worse fuel mileage and engine damage.

Replace the Tyres

When your truck’s tyres are under-inflated, worn out, or misaligned, then both fuel efficiency and handling will suffer. Most truck tyre manufactures offer specific tyres with enhanced designs that guarantee a longer lifespan while improving gas mileage.

Ensure your tyres are always well inflated and regularly check the pressure each morning before using the truck. Proper maintenance of these aftermarket parts for trucks also helps to enhance gas mileage.


Buy and install these aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN, and others, shown above, to improve your truck’s fuel efficiency. Besides installing these essential aftermarket parts for trucks, you can boost your gas mileage by avoiding heavy braking, quick acceleration, frequent trips, and towing excessive weight.

Also, you should never ignore your truck’s check engine light. It is an indispensable warning that your car has an issue. It could be a minor or severe problem, and you need to get the proper diagnosis. Knowing the reason for that warning is essential.

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