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Benefits of Taking A First Aid Course

Benefits of Taking A First Aid Course

People are exposed to hazards every day. Whether you live in the city or countryside, accidents can happen anytime anywhere. First Aid training prepares for any eventuality. It can help you to alleviate complications while waiting for medical emergency professionals to reach you. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of taking a First Aid course

1.     First Aid Can Save Lives

First Aid training is extremely useful when handling people with life-threatening conditions. A recent study revealed that about 24,373 Australians and 5,048 New Zealanders experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrests annually. The study was carried out by the Australian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (Aus-ROC). 

It was found that about half of these victims benefitted from lifesaving radio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Dr Ben Beck, the Deputy Head of Prehospital, Emergency and Trauma Research at Monash University, understands the value of bystander CPR. He says that receiving CPR from bystanders doubles a patient’s chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. 

2.     Disaster Management

First Aid training prepares you for disasters like car crashes, fires, occupational accidents and others. Well trained First Aiders are effective when managing disaster scenes. They can help people get to safety, stop severe bleeding and help people avoid infecting their wounds.

First Aid courses also teach you how to manage complex injuries. For example, mismanaging patients with spinal injuries can lead to permanent damage. Even straight forward actions such as helping people out of a crashed car the wrong way can cause serious harm. A First Aid course can teach you the correct right way to get victims to safety without inflicting more harm to them.

3.     Promotes Safety at Work

Taking a First Aid course can make you more safety conscious. First Aid training improves your awareness of potential risks and the steps necessary to prevent them. It helps you to minimize negligence that can lead to accidents at work.

Mastery of first aid skills can help you to advise your company on essential safety procedures. These include the appropriate distribution of fire extinguishers and first aid kits for construction workers. First Aid courses can also teach you emergency response procedures that can minimize losses and injuries at work. 

4.     Promotes Personal Safety

Knowing how correctly to use a first aid kit is useful when working alone. First aid training teaches you how to treat yourself in case of an injury. You may not have enough time to call for help when working alone. However, with a personal first aid kit, you can handle a wide variety of injuries, including snake bites and fractures. This knowledge can boost your confidence when working, travelling or camping alone.

Taking a first aid course is not only beneficial for you but also those around you. By 2017, Australia had one of the lowest rates of trained first aiders in the world. According to the Red Cross, only 5% of Australians have First Aid training. 

With such a small percentage of first aid compliant citizens, it is good to get some training.


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