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How The Professionals Can Remove Mould From Your Car’s Interior

If you’re living in a moisture-prone environment or you often make your car damp, you’ve got an extra responsibility when it comes to taking care of your car. One of the biggest challenges you’re likely to face is mould. Moisture, water, or any other liquids seeping into your vehicle may cause mildew, algae, or mould to develop. Any of these could result in unsightly spots of discolouration, not to mention the bad odour that comes with them.

Although we should do our best not to let mould develop in our car, at times, because of slight oversight or circumstances beyond our means, we may end up with it in our car. If that happens, however, you must take immediate steps to have it removed. Your best bet is professional interior detailing.

How does a car detailer remove mould? 

Below are some of the procedures a car detailer will apply. 

Loosening the Mould

A professional car detailer will first loosen the mould using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Doing so makes the removal process effortless. After loosening it, the detailer will use a sponge or a brush and a reliable cleaning ingredient to remove the mould and every other stain on the surface. The loosening and cleaning should take a matter of minutes, although other complementary detailing services may take longer.

Disinfecting The Cleaned Area 

For a long-lasting solution, a professional detailer will apply a disinfectant to prevent new mould growth. In this case, a mixture of water and bleach should be enough. The two substances will kill the remains of the spores. The final thing is to ensure that every part of your car’s interior is thoroughly dried. Failure to dry the interior will result in a breeding place for the generation of new mould.

Identifying The Cause

Moisture or liquids are the known leading ingredients for mould formation. For a long-lasting solution, therefore, you must determine the root cause of the fungal infection in your car and address the issue. Some of the most common loopholes include too much condensation from the use of the air conditioner, an old seal allowing rain droplets, improperly closing windows, and damages to your car windows or doors.

The Scope of Auto Detailing

The reason why you should go to a car detailer for mould removal is that it involves many other services. Combining all the services, including minor fixes to parts, ensures complete removal of mould, mildew, and algae. Full auto detailing also helps you to maintain a new car look, as well as smooth drive and interior comfort.

Why a Professional Detailer?

A professional detailer removes mould using safe substances. Unlike unprofessional roadside car washes that use chemicals that leave your car with a pungent or a highly irritating smell, a professional detailer will leave your vehicle with a welcoming scent.

Removing mould from your car is a process that should be undertaken by a professional. Unfortunately, many people avoid working with professional car detailers, believing that they’re expensive. That’s not the case, though. Many car detailers offer friendly packages, as well as subscriptions that make the services quite affordable.

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