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Exedy Clutches

Exedy Clutches for Truck and Bus

The clutch is an essential element of a vehicle’s engine. It conveys torque from the engine to the drivetrain and enables the shifting of gears. Exedy clutches facilitate the smooth delivery of power from the engine, which in turn allows the car to move with ease. Even better, the clutches are noise-free and include features that mitigate the effects of drive-related vibration.

 Working Mechanism

When a driver pushes the clutch pedal, the attached hydraulic piston exerts force on the release fork.  The fork then pushes the bearings against the middle of the diaphragm spring.  This forces the clutch disc to detach from the rotating flywheel that is linked to the engine, enabling the driver to shift gears.

When the driver releases the treadle, the disc engages the flywheel. As a result, the force gets conveyed from the engine to the other parts of the drivetrain.

Exedy clutches have a unique feature that protects the flywheel in case the driver engages the clutch incorrectly. The feature works like an electric fuse, in that it fails when the driver steps on the clutch treadle accidentally or inappropriately.

Clutches for Truck and Buses

For heavy-duty applications such as trucks and buses, Exedy uses diaphragm clutches. They are sold under the Truck Tuff line, which comprises of several Aftermarket Parts for European Trucks. These components are compliant with the requirements set in the Australian, American, and European markets.

Exedy opted for diaphragm clutches because their design has no release levers. Instead, the spring serves the function of the levers.

Another advantage of this type of clutches is that they require minimal effort as compared to other kinds. Other manufacturers use coil spring clutches that require excessive effort when the driver tries to disengage the clutch. In this aspect, Exedy clutches are superior to other alternatives.

Unique Features

The following are the standout features for Exedy heavy-duty clutches.

  • High clamp loads – these enable the clutch to withstand the extra pressure exerted by the heavy loads in trucks and buses.
  • Organic material – these reduce the effect of friction, which extends the lifetime of the clutches.
  • Multiple spring-center clutch plates – these increase the responsiveness and efficiency of the clutch. The driver does not have to use extra force when trying to shift gears.
  • Torque limiting brake – these assist with the functionality of the braking system.
  • High-quality springs – these work in tandem with the dampening mechanism to absorb any shock experienced when driving.
  • Large covers – these prevent overheating of the clutch by facilitating the dispersion of heat and allowing free flow of air.
  • Torque ratings ranging from 1150 feet per pound to 2250 feet per pound.


Benefits of Purchasing Exedy Clutches

Besides the features mentioned above, here the benefits of purchasing Exedy clutches.

  • An extended two-year or 40,000 km warranty; however, you have to register your kit to be eligible for this offer. Registration is done by scanning the QR code on the packaging and filling the form that appears upon scanning.
  • Exclusive access to all competitions, where you can win an assortment of gifts to upgrade or renovate your car.
  • Access to the latest news in the auto industry.

These benefits are exclusively available to registered purchases. The registration also serves as a means of verifying the authenticity of your clutch.


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