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Remain vigilant As The Schoolies Season Continues In Full Swing
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Remain vigilant As The Schoolies Season Continues In Full Swing

Schoolies is a time of great revelry for many students as they mark the end of their high school chapters. This desire for celebration and partying often leads young ones to destinations far and wide as they seek their ideal holiday. In these cases, they would choose to rent accommodations at their destination to have a safe place to return to after they have been out gallivanting. This is a best-case scenario.

For many people, having an apartment that they own made available for holiday and short-term lets is simply a part of utilising the investment that they made in the property. The extra cash earned from these ventures could be a valuable additional source of income for the owner’s household. In this case, schoolies provide a prime opportunity for earning.

These short-term rental units can bring about quite a bit of disruption to the residents of the apartment building. If left unchecked, youngsters could run roughshod over those that are permanent residents and bring about significant discomfort and anger.

If you are aware that there are some units in your building that are likely to be occupied by youths seeking to have fun and to let off some steam, you must be vigilant during the period so that you are equipped to handle any issues that may arise. More importantly, you can:

Speak to your strata manager

As the enforcer of etiquette, your strata manager can be the person to see about making sure that the guests are aware of the rules that are observed within the community. They can also ensure that these rules are adhered to throughout the school leavers’ visit. The manager should also be in the know about whether these rules are legally enforceable and should be able to act accordingly.

Be Observant

While you are out and about, remain aware of what is happening around you, especially within the building and grounds. While you do not have to go around policing their every move, perhaps a gentle reminder of the rules may serve to curb any behaviour that is completely untoward and contrary to they have been told is acceptable. If you feel that it is not safe, or a situation is beyond your ability to intervene calmly, you should contact the relevant authorities to step in.

If you are aware of all the options that are available to you, then you may find it easier to tolerate, or even accept the presence of the school leavers.

While it is advised that you remain vigilant throughout this period, you should also trust in the system that has been established with the help of your building’s body corporate management. There is a firm structure created when it comes to strata management services in Melbourne. You may rest assured that the primary goal of your strata company is always to maintain an environment that is ideal for you and your fellow residents. At the end of the day, establishing a workable common ground can only provide the best outcomes for some time when everyone is highly emotionally charged.

The ultimate goal would be to see the end of schoolies without too many scrapes, scars or anger and resentment.


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