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Why Choose Oak?

While for many players in the construction and design industry in Australia the saying “wood is wood” holds true, that mantra just doesn’t float everyone’s boat. In my experience, many clients are short changed when it comes to surfacing their spaces with wood products. The use of cheap substitutes in place of high quality hardwood has saturated the market resulting in great dissatisfaction amongst both the clients, and providers who are trying to get their customers value for their money. It is very difficult to go wrong with oaken products. Inspired by feedback from the market, some providers opted to engineer our own oak boards that are guaranteed to transform any space into an elegant, luxe suite.

But why choose oak for wood flooring over other types of timber, engineered or otherwise? Well, there are many benefits of using oak, but I will only touch on a few.

First, there is the guarantee of durability and strength that comes along with use of such sturdy materials. Unlike most engineered timber in the region that makes use of layers of ply, some manufacturers go out of our way to source only real European oak to build their products. This goes a long way in ensuring that the end product is durable and strong unlike cheap quality generic timber. Some also have also included a 6mm wear layer in their products that allows for you to re-sand the boards as many times as you would traditional solid timber boards.

Oak also has the benefit of bestowing an air elegance to whatever space you apply it to, be it an office or your home. With its bespoke character and patina, it’s difficult not to love the material, no matter where it is applied. Whether on the floor, or on the walls, oak is sure to spruce up your space. And unlike most materials, oak, just like wine, gets better with age.

One cannot disregard the versatility of oak products. Boards can be used on all sorts of surfaces, be it on the floor, walls, or even the ceiling of your home or premises. They can be applied to concrete, wood, acoustically treated floors, as well as heated concrete flooring. This makes it one of the most adaptable materials in the industry and thus a great choice when it comes to interiors.

Oak products are also very low maintenance. They are naturally resistant to the adverse elements such as extreme temperatures, fires, and rain. In fact, you are probably safer in an oaken structure than a concrete structure during a fire as it is a very poor conductor. Oak is also resistant to rot, as well as damage caused by insect infestation. With a few good care practices, you can greatly reduce the amount time and energy spent on maintaining an oaken surface. Simple tasks such as frequently sweeping and dusting the surface and making use of a damp mop or purpose-specific oak cleaning formulations can go a long way in ensuring that the oak is looking as good as new for a very long time.


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