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Are Travertine Pavers Right For You?

Travertine pavers have become a popular choice for application on pool decks, patios, and other wet areas where people are likely to slip and fall. The pavers are made from naturally occurring stones, and they are obtainable in an array of shapes, sizes, and colours. Here are some merits of travertine pavers that make them great for many applications.

1. Safety

Travertine pavers are not as slippery as concrete pavers; therefore, it is safe to install them where children play. You can install travertine pavers around the swimming pool to guarantee the safety of your children. Travertine is naturally rough as it is porous. The porous property of travertine increases when it’s wet, thus making it less slippery.

2. Versatile

Travertine pavers exist in a range of finishes and colours; therefore, you can customise the pavers to match your home. There is a colour that will match your outdoor decor from shades such as gold, ivory, and walnut. 

Also, the pavers have unique patterns that you can use to create your design. Each stone has distinct patterns different from the other one; this means that there are endless ways that you can create new designs and patterns.

The pavers’ finishes are different depending on the where you want to install them. Pool areas are best fitted with pavers with porous and tumbled surfaces. Driveways need pavers that have honed surfaces and chiselled edges to withstand tyre traction.

3. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning travertine pavers is easy as they do not hold stains and dirt. Occasional cleaning with a water hose is enough to make them clean. Also, some pavers accumulate mould when installed in wet areas; this does not happen with travertine pavers. They remain just as they were when you bought them to maintain their beautiful colour. 

Travertine resists thawing and freezing. If you are in an area that experiences cold weather conditions, do not worry as the low temperatures will not damage your travertine pavers.

Also, when a paver gets damaged, you don’t have to change all the pavers; you only replace the damaged one in a simple DIY process.

4. Do not Absorb Heat

A surface such as that is made from concrete gets hot when the weather is hot. Travertine pavers do not absorb heat; instead, they conduct the earth’s coolness and provide coolness to your feet when the sun is hot. You can walk barefoot around your pool even in high temperatures as the pavers will keep your feet cool.

5. Affordable

Travertine pavers are affordable than most other types of natural stones such as marble. Apart from being affordable, they last longer and do not lose their beauty even after being in use for many years. Also, they add value to your home if you decide to sell the house. In conclusion, travertine as a paver material is precious, and it is essential that you install it correctly to reap its maximum benefits. Its durability also depends on the installation as poor installation can reduce its lifespan. In the initial setup, seek the services of a professional to ensure that everything goes according to your preference. A professional can also help you achieve your custom designs and patterns on the travertine pavers. Go ahead and install them in your exterior home area, and you will never regret the decision.

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