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Why Your Car Paint Correction Should Start With The Removal of Damaged Paint

Who wants to own a car that’s looking ugly and rugged on the surface? We all like that sleek, brand new car look, right? For one reason or another, however, your car will at some point lose that superior shine. Some of the things that are likely to erode the lustre include environmental extremes, vegetation or metal scratches, car accidents, acts of vandalism, and poor car wash. Others may include swirl marks caused by poor quality paint, chalky paints, trail marks caused by vegetation, and transfer colours from friction between cars, as well as stubborn stains from chemicals.

It doesn’t have to be any of the above, though. A car may just have come from the factory without that satin touch. Maybe you’ve just parted with a cool $40,000 or more to lay your hand on that sleek sports car, only to find out that the paint doesn’t measure up to your expectations. You may complain, but that’s something you’ll have to accept. Why? The high speed with which manufacturers churn out cars to cope with demand often push them to drop the exactness of their standards that splash on TV commercials. The lurking scratches that come straight from the factory aren’t a preserve of those average cars. Top of the range automobiles like Bugatti, Maybach, and Rolls Royce Sweptail may also pull such setbacks. 

What do you do when such a reality dawns?

Of course, you’re not going to return the car to the car dealer because of such imperfections. Paint correction, therefore, becomes your trusted next action. Professional car detailing will give you paint correction and more.

Start from The Removal of The Imperfect Paint

Paint correction is best done by first removing the damaged paint before repainting the car. The paint removal process is known as buffing. A professional car detailer will first assess the condition of the paint before recommending the best car paint correction approach. For a brand new car, you should correct the entire body. For a used car, however, you may consider correcting only a section of its surface. Correcting only a section needs an extra level of skill to achieve a perfect blend between the new and the original paint. With that understanding, some people readily choose to paint the whole car to obtain that uniform look. 

Why is the removal of the defective paint necessary? Well, it helps you achieve a smooth surface for the new paint. If you don’t remove the scratched and bumpy surface first, you won’t achieve that sleek and perfect finish. 

Don’t Do It Alone If you’re Not a Pro Detailer

Car detailing, paint correction, in particular, is a job that requires time, dedication, and precision. For outstanding results, it has to be done by a professional. If you don’t have time to take your car to a professional detailer, consider mobile car detailing for customised services. If you love your car, there are no two ways to paint correction. You must have it done right the first time to evade further unwanted costs.

Post Paint Correction

Whether your car came from the factory imperfect or it lost that perfect lustre in the course of use, you have a responsibility to take good care of it after paint correction. If you’re cleaning your car on your own or taking it to a car wash, know that the process determines how well your car paint is protected. Washing your car without following the best practices has the potential of messing up your car paint, and correcting it will mean new costs. If you’re keen on protecting your car paint for longer, choose car detailing services by a professional service provider.

From the above points, you realise that taking care of your car requires some real efforts. Whether it’s a DIY or you’re contracting a service provider, you must spend time, money, and dedicate yourself to the process to attain the desired results.

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