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Why Mobile Car Detailing Is Great For Those Living In The City

We live in a continually changing world. For many, gone are the days of the quarter acre block of land with a house, garage and a front and back lawn. Some of you who are a little older will remember the days of washing mum or dad’s car on the front lawn with the garden hose – watering the lawn AND washing the car at the same time.

Today the Aussie dream of the house and good size block of land is drifting away. More and more people are opting to live in villas, terrace’s, apartment, flats and units. Gone are the lawns and the big yards, replaced by concrete. Garages are gone too, with those in high-rise units etc. parking in undercover parking areas, under carports, and often – just out in the street.

We no longer have the luxury of being able to wash our car every few weeks, that’s even if we even have TIME to wash the car ourselves. Taking the car to a hand car-wash is great! Trouble is it’s the weekend, and everyone else is taking their car, who’s got hours to wait around?

When you live in the city, the ways to keep your car clean, and get it clean, are limited. Sure, there might be a parking bay in the complex set aside FOR car washing, but is it available? It’s probably not, and when it IS available – you’re at work.


Living in the city is great – just not for your car!

Our cars are more than just a way to get to and from work, they are a big part of our lives, we try and protect them as much as we can, using dash-mats and seat covers. Where we can we try and keep them under cover, we just don’t have the time to really keep them clean.

Thankfully there are mobile professional car cleaning services that come to YOU – that come to your car! Getting your car washed professionally isn’t just good for the car, it’s good for you too! Mobile car detailing takes the stress and hassle out of washing/getting your car washed. There is no lining up at the local hand car wash, waiting your turn, there is no having to find a spot where you can wash your car. Hoping the car wash bay in your unit complex isn’t already in use, the bother of having to get all your car cleaning supplies and bucket down to your car.

When you live in the city – getting your car clean, having a sparkling clean car and being able to keep your car sparkling clean is simple. Pick up the phone and call your local professional mobile car cleaning service.

With a professional mobile service, you get attention to detail, and the hand wash is gentle – no harsh scrubbing and brushes that you get from an automatic car wash. You get a kind wash, that’s good for your paint, stubborn spots or stains are taken care of from the front bumper to the rear bumper you know your car is in good hands, is being cleaned correctly and will be sparking when it’s done.

A mobile car cleaning service gives you BACK your time. If you work long hours and only have weekends to yourself – you do NOT want to spend it washing a car. You also don’t want to waste your precious time waiting around at the local car wash, and if you love your car, you certainly don’t want to take the risk of scratching and damaging it by visiting the local garage and having a drive through/automatic wash.

Mobile car detailers come to you – wherever you are, if it’s convenient for you to get the car washed at your workplace – they will be there. If you’d rather get the car washed at home – they’ll be there. They come to you, wherever you are, at a time that suits you. If you are going away for the weekend and want your car washed – tell them when and they’ll be there. You can continue with your day – be it at work, or at home, secure in the knowledge your car is in good hands. It will be cleaned top to bottom, inside and out all while you’re playing with the kids, at work, relaxing at home, or catching up with chores or work at home.

Why wouldn’t you call in a mobile car cleaning service, it’s so convenient. Treat yourself and your car and let someone else do all that hard work for you.

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