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What Is The Difference Between An Auto Detail And A Car Wash?

Cleaning your car frequently is a critical maintenance routine. When a vehicle is left unattended for an extended period, dirt accumulates, and it can affect its appearance. Over time, it can also hurt the resale value of your automobile.

While both share the same objective, car washing is very different to auto detailing.  A standard car wash uses power brushes to remove dirt from the outside of your vehicle. The car then passes through a wash-down tunnel where a non-abrasive cleaning solution removes any soiling. The car wash could also include dusting the undercarriage, wheel scrubbing, and the application of a coat protector, albeit at an additional cost.

Auto detailing is a more exhaustive version of a standard car wash. In addition to light cleaning, it also covers recondition and restoration of damaged parts. The most significant difference with regular washing is that detailing restores your car to showroom quality, which explains why it is the more expensive of the two procedures.


What does Auto Detailing Involve?

As mentioned above, detailing is a more intricate procedure than standard car scrubbing. It encompasses the vacuuming of your car’s inside parts, after which a detailer is applied on all plastic parts and then wiped with a towel. This is followed by the application of a conditioner that protects plastic parts from sunlight damage. Glass cleaners are used in scrubbing the inside of the windows.

Once the interior detailing is complete, the next stage entails cleaning the engine. Here, the engine is first inspected to identify any muck and grime. Then, the cleaner will spray, degrease, and clean the engine, and complete the process by blowing compressed air to dry it.

The final phase of detailing deals with the outside parts of the car. This process is similar to regular car washing, in that soap and water is used for cleaning. However, it also includes the use of a clay bar to eliminate contaminants and the application of polish to give your car a sparkling appearance.


How Auto Detailing differs from Car Washing

A standard car wash takes 15 minutes to complete. In contrast, auto detailing can take several hours or even a day to complete. This is because detailing is more complicated than washing.

Auto detailing is costlier than washing because it involves the inspection, cleaning, and renovating of a vehicle. It requires specialised equipment and can only be done by experienced professionals. On the other hand, car washing is simple, and you can do it yourself.


Benefits of Car Detailing

Although it is more expensive, detailing is by far more beneficial to your vehicle than car washing. First, it ensures that your vehicle is clean, even in places that are hard to reach. This is because it entails washing, waxing, polishing, shampooing, and restoration. It also gets rid of winter grime and other types of dirt that may damage your car’s metallic parts.

When you are putting your car up for sale, you should first take it for detailing. If done correctly, it will increase value to the vehicle. It makes your vehicle more attractive and easier to sell to prospective buyers.

Lastly, detailing adds to your car’s lifetime. By eliminating dirt, soil, grease, and any other soiling, detailing improves the longevity of your car’s chassis and engine.


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