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Benefits of Gas Heaters

The Australian weather conditions can become so low that homes require heating, if they’re to remain habitable. That explains why the Australian market has many different heating systems, ranging from wood, electricity, to gas heaters. These systems are further broken down into smaller categories such as traditional, linear, freestanding, and inbuilt fireplaces, among others.

When it comes to home heating, you must consider several factors before deciding on which one to install. Admittedly, gas heating is among the heating systems that most people are buying.

Firstly, they’re popular because many Australian homes already have natural gas supplies in place, making it easier to install gas fireplaces. Even where the natural gas supply system isn’t already in place, you can easily set up a gas heating system by using a gas cylinder. A gas cylinder allows you to use either an inbuilt or a freestanding fireplace without much hassle.

Secondly, gas fireplaces have numerous advantages that no one would dare dismiss. These advantages are compelling and are likely to influence anyone to purchase a gas fireplace.

Below are a few of the advantages of gas heaters.

Gas Fireplaces


When it comes to cost, gas heaters are quite affordable. The fact that gas is readily available also adds to its affordability. When buying a gas heating system, you’re likely to qualify for rebates from the seller company. Modern gas heating systems are also more efficient and cost way less than both electricity and wood heating systems.


Reliability is pivotal when it comes to home heating. And gas heating is very reliable both in terms of supply and safety. The natural gas supply is usually installed underground to protect them from any possible pilferage that might take place above the ground surface. A gas heater will ensure that your home remains warm even when there is a power blackout because power doesn’t interfere with its supply.


Storing natural gas is quite safe. There are already systems in place for gas storage. Gas storage options are more trustworthy than the ones available for other fossil fuels that you may consider for your home. That’s a characteristic that adds value to its efficiency. Besides the robust natural gas supply systems, you can also store your gas in underground tanks or above the ground.

Ease of Maintenance

Fireplaces maintenance is a concern for many home heating system buyers. That’s an area where gas heating performs exemplarily. Just link up with a gasfitter and agree on a servicing interval. The longest time it can go after a service is two years. However, it’s best to have your gas heating system serviced twice a year for safety reasons. Also, keep on monitoring the fireplace for possible carbon monoxide spillage.

Environmentally Friendly

With most people being environmentally conscious, gas heating is becoming the first choice because of its efficiency. It boasts of cleaner burning compared to the other fossil fuels, yet it remains more efficient than electricity. Using gas heating also reduces the volume of byproducts released to the environment. By employing the latest technologies, there is a significant cut in the emission of nitrogen oxide, an environmentally harmful natural gas byproduct.

Besides the above advantages of gas heaters, ease of installation is another reason for their fame. If you’re installing a freestanding gas fireplace, things are even more straightforward. It just takes a connection of the gas supply to the heating system, and you’re good to go. As for inbuilt fireplaces, a little more work is necessary, but that’s also a great choice.

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