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The Elite Pizza Ovens Are The Ultimate Centrepieces Of Your Outdoor Kitchen

To many aspiring home chefs in Australia, owning a pizza oven has nothing to do with the latest kitchen trend. Once you have tasted a home-baked pizza, you will always want to skip the frozen and make a fresh pie at home. The rich flavour and char of the crust result from cooking at high temperature with direct flame, a process that can definitely not be replicated in an oven that is sitting beside your fridge.


Admittedly pizza has gained a bad reputation as being an unhealthy fatty product that’s laden with processed cheese and cheaply made pepperoni. It is therefore important that we remember the original version of pizza, a thin crust made of non-GMO containing flour topped with organic ingredients such as tomatoes and other vegetables, garlic, olives, buffalo mozzarella and maybe tiny bits of cured meats which are then baked quickly so that the nutrient’s don’t get cooked away.  In a quality pizza oven, a pie will bake in just 90 – 120 seconds to have the perfect crust, the cheese to become gooey and flavourful but the nutrients of veggies still preserved. By using quality and balanced ingredients, the Italian pie actually can be healthy and nourishing when made at home.


If you are still wondering why you should buy a pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen, think about the relaxing atmosphere the unique smell of fire mingled with delicious food aroma will create in your backyard after a hard working week. Traditional cooking with firewood is a great outdoor experience and very inviting for family and friends to be around, making a pizza oven the ultimate centrepiece of your outdoor kitchen.


Baking pizza at home can quickly turn into a culinary event as people will not only want to come by and taste the delicious artisanal food you created but are often enjoying the authentic and fun experience and like to get involved to make their own customized pie. And as you will have your yard or deck full of people waiting for their slice, the best thing is with cooking times of under two minutes, you can actually cater to all of them within literally minutes, turning a spontaneous gathering into a stress-free dinner party.


After getting this far, we want to introduce you to amazing pizza ovens, which are sure to produce a crispy crust or a succulent brisket. Elite pizza ovens have become very popular on the market due to their quality and design. The wood-fired ovens are manufactured to not only complement but complete alfresco areas and outdoor kitchens. Using an extraordinary blend of high-quality materials and design elements, Elite pizza ovens bring everyone together for the perfect outdoor cooking and entertainment experience.


Statesman Series – Black









The Elite 850 TC was introduced in 2017 and is a freestanding pizza oven, hence an oven made for people who do not want a permanent base structure. The model comes with 305-grade stainless steel doors and lockable caster wheels that hold the robust black powder coated cabinet. The great advantage of the Statesman series is that the standalone ovens can be assembled within 4 hours without the requirement of a tradesman, making them the perfect choice for home cooks who are eager to light the oven and cook the same day. Very important for families: this pizza oven remains cook to touch on the outside no matter the blasting fire on the inside. The Elite 850 TC is 100% waterproof on the outside and easy to clean.


Statesman Series – Grey









Due to its finish of silver hammer tone, the Elite 850 TC is the most popular standalone pizza oven in the Statesman Series. Introduced in 2012, the oven comes with a low maintenance hammer tone coated cabinet with lockable caster wheels. Just like its younger brother, the oven is made from durable material, easy to clean and assembled within 4 hours.


Elite 850 TC & Support Frame

Elite 850 TC & Support Frame








This Elite pizza oven comes with a bare support frame to accommodate the 850 TC model on top. The frame can be installed on a structurally engineered deck as the overall weight of oven and frame is approximately 400 kilograms.


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