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The Pros and Cons of Timber Decking

Timber decking designs are among the most popular selection for residential homes. It’s a classic choice and people love it. Construction using timber is an old practice that has stood the test of time. Despite advancements in decking, timber remains a popular selection and people are willing to pay extra to have the material on their decks. However, some designers argue better options are available for decking considering its drawbacks. Here is a look at some of the reasons some people love wood decking and others prefer the alternatives.

The Pros

Aesthetics: Nothing beats timber on looks. The natural look of wood is timeless and blends in seamlessly with any outdoor design. Other decking options fall short of achieving the natural warmth that comes with timber decking. It gives a rustic charm but it can also fit in well in an ultramodern style. Moreover, the finishing options for timber decking are numerous. The decking can take several textures, styles and colours.

Durability: The reason timber is among the most reliable construction material is the performance on durability. Wood can take on a lot of stress and insult without being compromised structurally. Timber decking can last years without the need for replacement. Hardwood decking, in particular, can last more than four decades. If you are looking for a decking option that will serve you for a lifetime, this is it.

Design versatility: Timber decking designs are innumerable as a result of the versatility of wood. It is easy to work with timber since it can take different cuts. The timber can be shaped and sanded to achieve different textures and styles. The final results can be styled to meet individual tastes.

Installation cost: Pressure-treated wood, cedar and redwood have low labour costs. Since they are easy to work with the upfront installation costs are among the lowest when it comes to decking.

Renewable: if you are big on environmental protection you can play your part in conservation by choosing wood over other decking options.  Timber is a renewable resource and a great choice for decking.

The Cons

High maintenance: Although timber decking is known to last for decades, the maintenance costs on the wood is high. The decking requires regular painting and staining. Moreover, you still have to cover cleaning costs and yearly resealing. Maintenance is time-consuming. In case of damages, replacement is also not cheap.

High material cost: Installation costs for timber decking might be low but the cost of material is high. Timber is a superior construction material. Depending on the type of wood you want, you can get different price tags. Durable hardwood timber options are expensive and if you are particular on the source of wood, the more premium the choice the more you will pay for it.

Cheap options: When it comes to timber decking you get what you pay for. Cheaper timber decking options perform badly on durability. They stain easily, scratch and only last a few years even after proper maintenance.

Considering the pros and cons of timber decking it’s evident why people love it so much. Nonetheless, it still has drawbacks. The ultimate choice rests with you. Only your tastes and preference can dictate what overweighs the other, the pros or the cons?


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