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Gas Heating Options for Your Master Bedroom

Quality of sleep is a phenomenon whose importance is often understated by most people in the world today. However, sleep quality may have an even larger bearing on your health than your quantity of sleep, in the long run. Anything that wakes you up in the middle of the night puts you at risk of various chronic health conditions such as hypertension and stress. Wintry months especially may have you tossing and turning under four blankets for hours, just so that you get warm enough to catch a few unfulfilling of winks of sleep. However, all is not lost, as with technology have come more efficient ways of heating your bedroom and ensuring you get the quality of sleep you deserve, even during the frigid months.


One of these more contemporary options is gas heating. In fact, this form of heater has quickly become a staple all over Australia due to its efficiency and ease of use. If you are looking for a heater that is value for money, with bespoke designs that fit right into your master bedroom’s decor, an in-built gas heater may be exactly what you need. While free-standing models are also available, they tend to be better options when considering heating for large living areas, especially due to their omnidirectional heating feature.


Gas Heater



When considering heating options for your master bedroom, the size of the room is a major determinant as to what options to go with. For larger rooms, the Lopi 4415 HO may be an option worth your consideration. With its sleek design and wide panorama view, this heater will not only keep the whole room toasty warm, but also liven up the ambience in your master bedroom. Aesthetically, its translucent crushed glass floor, as well as its under lighting (which features ten accent lights) can really set a magical mood in the room. It also features six adjustable levels for fan heat and light, and this makes it easy for you to set it to your preference.


If your room is of medium-sized dimensions, the Regency I31 might be just what you need. Its compact design will nestle well in your wall and efficiently warm up the entire room. The two-speed fan as well as adjustable flames allow for you to set the temperatures and mood to taste. The I31’s panel offers a realistic depiction of traditional wood fires which creates a cosy ambience and warm glow that is sure to help grant you a restful night.


Smaller master bedrooms are not to be left out as the Lopi 564 GS2 is just the right fit for smaller enclosed rooms which may not require large amounts of heating. It can efficiently heat up to 90 sqm making it ideal for a more petite master. Its sleek yet stylish design meshes well with a wide range of room decors, while the wide viewing area really brings the illusion of a real crackling wood fire to life. The 564 GS2 comes with a Green Smart Remote Control that saves you the trouble of getting up from your comfortable bed to change the settings on your gas heater.


This is not to say that free-standing gas heaters will not work for your master bedroom. It all comes down to your taste and preference. A free-standing gas heater such as the Regency FG39 is an elegant heating unit that can heat up to 180 sqm. It has a wide viewing area that showcases realistic flames and glowing embers and thus creates that more traditional wood fire glow in the room. Its three-speed fan and adjustable flames allows for you to set the temperature and heat spread according to your preferences.

In conclusion, your master bedroom should be just as cosy as the rest of your home. Most contemporary gas heaters are sure to provide you with adequate heating throughout the year, thus ensuring you maintain restful nights even during the coldest of months. This coupled with the fact that you do not have to store wood for the frigid nights makes it a preferred choice amongst many Australian homeowners. It is time for you to do away the piles of blankets and instead opt for the more efficient gas heaters that are now readily available in the market to heat up your master bedroom.



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