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10 Tips For Improving The Safety Of Your Truck

There are some simple steps you can take that will help you not only extend the life of your truck, but keep it safe on the road. Safety is important on the road, for yourself, your passengers and for other road users.

A truck is like anything – you only get out of it, what you put into it, when you depend on your truck every day for work, you need it to deliver results, so a bit of maintenance and care will go a LONG way. While every different make and model of truck will have its own wants, and needs – with these simple maintenance tips your truck can continue running like new for years to come. Remember if you need parts, always buy your aftermarket spare parts from a reputable seller.

10 tips for improving the safety of your truck

  1. Never miss an oil change – it’s one of the most important things you can do for your truck (or for any vehicle) to extend its life and keep it safe. If your truck is older and has a higher kilometre rate, it’s a good idea to change the oil filter when you change your oil and always choose the best oil for your needs. Refer to your manual if need be so you chose the one with the right viscosity.
  2. Rotate your tyres – changing your oil is a good time to check and perform some other routine maintenance. Rotating your tyres every time you change your oil helps ensure even wear because tyres will wear unevenly according to the drivetrain of your truck. Tyre rotation is very important, so your tyres wear evenly. Rotating not only extends the life of your tyres it can make for a smoother ride and reduces the burden on your trucks suspension that can come from unevenly worn tyres.
  3. Keep your tyres balanced – when you get your tyres rotated, it’s a good time to get them balanced. A tyre is balanced when the weight of the tyre is equally distributed around the axel. With every bump and pot-hole your tyres get more and more out of balance. If you need to get a tyre patched or replaced it’s a perfect time to get them balanced.
  4. Alignment – if your truck is pulling to one side or the other it’s time for a wheel alignment. If your wheels are out of balance it creates more wear and tear on the tyres, you get a higher petrol consumption and poor handling. Vehicle pulling can also happen if tyres are unevenly inflated, so inflate all your tyres to the designated pressure.
  5. Lights – it is easy to become complacent, but monthly checks on a few basic components are worth the time, this way if you do find any issues you know before they become a bigger problem, check that all cabin and exterior lights are working properly, a dim light can indicate an electrical problem, while a burned out light can be dangerous.
  6. Fluid levels – check your fluid levels, especially engine oil, just make sure it’s cool first! Check your oil if it’s dirty or smells like petrol it’s time for a change, check the engine coolant and refill if necessary, and, finally check your windscreen washer fluids and top up if it’s looking low.
  7. Give your engine some fresh air – to work at its best engines need clean air, over time oil filters get clogged with dirt, dust and debris, so swap your oil filter regularly, especially if you are driving a lot on dirt roads. A clean filter purchased from a reputable aftermarket spare parts seller can increase your trucks acceleration and efficiency.
  8. Know your driving conditions – routine maintenance can only help your truck so much, one of the biggest aspects of long term care is by keeping in mind the wear and tear you are subjecting your truck to – from carrying heavy loads, making multiple trips or driving on dirt roads, the way you USE your truck will determine the exact type of maintenance you need.
  9. Stop for an inspection – if there is one thing that can help your truck the most – it’s knowing when to bring it in to have an expert have a look. Mechanics or technicians will be able to spot any potential issues early based on wear which will help keep your truck safe and running for longer.
  10. Read up – everything you need to know about keeping your truck running well can be found in the owner’s manual – from cleaning, to fluids to maintenance and care.

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