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Mobile car detailing

Vehicles were designed to make transportation convenient and efficient. The 20th century saw various car models hit the tarmac and as the century drew to a close, cars were more than just machines. They were valuable properties, sentimental possessions, symbols of success and a reflection of the owner’s personality. From routine services to complex repairs, we all go out of our way to ensure our cars are in good shape. The care extends to how we clean our cars. Car detailing is an important industry that ensures vehicles are thoroughly cleaned. The services cover interior detailing, custom detailing, paint correction, paint protection, headlight restoration, odour removal and other cleaning services. Over the years, the industry has seen many developments and the most impactful is mobile car detailing.

Mobile car detailing is a fast growing business, It is exactly what it sounds like, a specialised service that brings the car wash to you. Mobile car detailers move around in specialized vehicles that are equipped with all the necessary tools to execute professional detailing services. The vehicles come with everything from high pressure pumps to a water tank. Mobile car detailers bring their own power and water. The service has become a favourite among car owners, especially around urban areas. This begs the question, what makes mobile car detailing so special?

First and foremost, the convenience of mobile car detailing is unparalleled. Detailers can attend to your car at any location. Whether you are busy in the office or spending time with your family at home, mobile car detailing ensures you are not interrupted. The detailers come to you and deliver their services without your car moving an inch. The most you might have to do is maybe hand over the car keys for interior detailing. Moreover, you are able to book an appointment at a convenient time and location.

One would expect a large scale car wash station to offer better quality services than a mobile car detailer. The contrary is true, mobile car detailers are meticulous at executing their services and the results are enviable. The quality of services delivered by mobile car detailers is leagues above traditional car wash stations. The typical uneven tyre dressing, streaks on the glass and missed spots found after a traditional detailing service are unheard of when it comes to mobile car detailing. The service is often premium and the detailers take their time to ensure every inch of the car is spotless.

Although mobile car detailing appears to be a small-scale business, there is no compromise on the range of services available. The services include full detailing, paint correction, engine bay detail, paint protection, polishing, odour removal and headlight restoration. The services are all about the fine details. The detailers are keen to use a high-quality line of products ranging from natural boar’s hair detailing brushes to pH neutral shampoos. The interior upholstery and exterior surfaces are carefully cleaned and polished to ensure no damages develop. Clients are free to choose service packages that fit their budget. Regardless of the package selected, mobile car detailing offers the best value for money. In comparison to traditional detailing, it’s cheaper since you save time and fuel by avoiding a trip to the car wash station. If you haven’t tried mobile car detailing, you are missing out.


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