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Make Your Heater The Statement Piece of Your Home
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Make Your Heater The Statement Piece of Your Home

Fireplaces have come a long way since they were nothing but brick and firepit structures installed in the centre of a room and used only for heating. Evolving technology and the expansion of the number of available fuel options allow heating manufacturers- and homeowners in turn- to be creative in their approach to heating the home. As a result, the form of heaters has become just as crucial as their function. Thus it is now possible for the fireplace to become the focal point of a room and its decor.

So now explore beyond the firebox and step away from the conventional. Here’s how to make your heater the statement piece of your home.

Embrace The Traditional

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic potential that a traditional fireplace has to maintain its function. So while you may be looking beyond the conventional, you can still embrace the traditional. After all, there is a reason why fireplaces remain popular even today.

One of the ways to make a statement using a traditional fireplace is by selecting the perfect surround; the structure frames the firebox, including the mantle and screen. In fact, Georgian, French-Style and Victorian surrounds are back in vogue. Therefore, you can select one of them to create the feeling of wealth, luxury and understated opulence.

Go Contemporary

If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, then look to free-standing heaters or slimline fireplace inserts and make your selection from there. Conversely, since it is the trend most closely associated with the contemporary home style, you can go for a Scandanavian aesthetic option with a free-standing wood or gas heater.

One of the fireplace options that really embody the formation of a distinct yet undeniably functional statement heater is the Bordelet line of fireplaces. You will surely have a work of art right in the centre of your living room with one of these.

Look Beyond Your Living Room

There is no hard and fast rule that states that your living room is the only space in which you can install a heater. You may add a fireplace in whichever room you feel is needed.

One of the most popular alternatives or additions to indoor fireplaces is outdoor heating. So many homes now have numerous entertaining spaces, particularly patios or outdoor kitchens, that outdoor fireplaces and even pizza ovens are emerging as highly sought-after heating options. They make a statement using both design and novelty.

The Morso Line of fireplaces provides a good starting point for outdoor heating options that embrace style while providing heat. Models like the Morso Kamino Cast Iron Fireplace showcase the power of silent yet prominent elegance.

No matter your heating needs, there is no shortage of heater models that you can look through to find the one which reflects your style. Once you have installed it, everyone who encounters the heater will appreciate not just the warmth it provides but also the statement it makes.


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