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8 Pool Accessories You Have to See to Believe

Even though summer is still far away, us pool owners can’t wait for the warm days to come and spend the long weekends by the pool downing some cold beverages and throwing the first pool party of the year. The great thing about owning a pool is the number of fun gadgets that have been developed over the years to make pool time more enjoyable. As kids are easily entertained with floaties, goggles and snacks, hosting a pool party for adult friends and neighbours can be a real challenge. If you want to have the best gadgets and accessories for next season’s pool party, we’ve got it all here from inflatable slides to movie screens hence there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Inflatable movie screen

If you want to turn your backyard pool into everybody’s favourite hangout spot next summer, get the inflatable movie screen. Watch movies and sporting events or even enjoy video games on this portable screen and transform your swimming pool or garden into a premier entertainment spot.


Floating speaker

There really is nothing better than swimming in your own pool and listening to your favourite music being endlessly streamed from your floating speakers. Despite the splashing surrounding, the speakers transmit a clear powerful bass while using Bluetooth to connect to your device. The speakers have a watertight battery compartment and buttons moulded into the casing to ensure a waterproof audio experience.


Poolside climbing wall

As rock climbing has recently become popular again, this is maybe one of the coolest pool accessories of all time. The wall is built using a Lexan climbing surface, which is attached to a stainless steel frame. Poolside rock climbing is a fun sport with a slippery twist and best of all there is no safety gear required as you can simply let yourself fall back into the water once you’ve reached the top.


Inflatable slide

The perfect pool accessory for kids and adults alike is an inflatable pool slide. If you don’t want a permanent pool feature but love to slide down into your backyard oasis, this is your best option as the water slide inflates for hours of fun but is easily stashed away after the party.


Floating beer pong table

Only a few party games are this well known and liked as beer pong. While the game already requires a great deal of skill and luck, imagine aiming for the cups, which are floating on water. The table made from raft grade material features holes for 10 cups on each side and even has a ball holder.


LED light show ball

The floating equivalent to a disco ball is a gadget, which projects a dramatic light show onto the bottom and sides of your pool to add colour and mood to your party. The 3 AA battery powered accessory will shine a variety of random lightning patterns using five different colours. The 4 LEDs cover a lighting range from 2 to 3 meters and shut off automatically after an hour.


Floating drink holder

We all know the giant floating birds or unicorns, but floating your drinks in style might be something new to some pool owners. The classic pink flamingo design is sure to make your friends laugh, but there are also palm island drink floats on the market. Get yourself a fleet of these cute drink holders, which fit almost any size of cup or beverage and have high-side walls so that your drink will not tip over.


Bumper car boats

These motorized bumper cars are not only a great way to get you from one end of the pool to the other for the next snack, these babies have a power steering with a large built-in water blaster so you cannot only maintain pool dominance by bumping everybody around but squirt your way to the bar.


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