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My Favourite Portable BBQs For This Summer

That time of year is just around the corner. Time to pack up the camping gear and hit the road and explore some of the finest nature in Australia, if not the world. There is no doubt about it, here down under we are spoiled for choice when it comes to camping spots and outdoor adventures.


When embarking on a camping adventure, preparation is one of the keys to a happy and comfortable campsite. Obviously, you need to cover the essentials: shelter, cooking and sleeping arrangements must be made to ensure a successful camping trip that doesn’t have to be cut short due to being too uncomfortable.


The cooking part is integral to the art of outdoor living and thanks to the introduction of portable barbecues life has become a lot simpler and tastier for that matter.


In this post, we take a look at some portable BBQ’s that will help you get up and out into nature and cooking some gourmet BBQ feasts for the family and friends.


Weber has really excelled in creating a simple to use functional, and portable range of BBQ’s to cater for adventurers. They have designed a line of portable barbecues for those who like the convenience and control of a gas flame or those who prefer the smoky char-grilled flavours of cooking over coals. Weber has you covered and so do we at Hawkesbury Heating. We provide the full range of Webers to get you off and camping or should we say cooking. In this post, we will take a look at some of our favourite portable barbecues to get you ready for the summer camping season.


The Weber Q Series

The good folk at Weber have heard the call and acted upon it to create a range of portable barbecues that will cater for all your cooking on the go needs. They cater to all types – whether you’re an old-fashioned coal burner or an open flame gas lover all the way to electric – it all depends on your preference.


These Weber BBQ’s are designed for portability and feature handles that can be easily carried by one person and transported into the boot of even the smallest of cars. The Weber Q series is lightweight, yet constructed tough, to stand up to bumps and knocks that go hand in hand with loading and unloading the car.



Portable BBQs



The Weber Q series is basically a scaled-down version of the iconic original Weber that has been adapted to use a variety of fuel sources. There is a model for everyone. They have continued with their simplistic easy-to-use models and adapted it to the Australian love of camping and the outdoors. They do everything the original can do, except they are more compact.


You might have to make some small adjustments to the quantity of food cooked at one time, but the Weber Q can comfortably and effectively cook an entire roast meal under the same hood and they are the ideal cooking solution and miles above all their competitors.


So it’s time to get ready for the summer season, festival season, camping season and get your kit up to speed, and as far as cooking goes the Webers Q series is the camp cooking essential.  Jump on our webpage and have a look at the extensive range of Webers on offer or talk to one of our consultants who will happily help you find a portable BBQ to suit your needs. Pack up the car and get ready for an adventure with the Weber Q series and you will produce gourmet food while living the simple life. After all, it’s all about getting back to the basics and leaving the rat race behind.



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