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Tips For Sourcing Mercedes Truck Parts in Perth

Mercedes Benz is without a doubt one of those luxury car and truck brands that are synonymous with style, class and luxury. The car brand is known worldwide and is loved by many of the rich and famous. Mercedes is still up there with Rolls Royce, Alpha Romeos and Bugatti’s, and while the Mercedes Benz is well known and respected in the luxury car market, there has been an increase in interest when it comes to their trucks and utility vehicles.

Originally starting as a military vehicle, the G-Class series of Mercedes is now doing so well in the luxury car market that in 2018 a newer model was released. When it comes to Mercedes trucks they have really made a name for themselves, moving from the luxury car market into trucks, wasn’t easy, but they made the transition seamlessly and today their trucks are admired for their longevity, power and beauty.

Mercedes today is loved for its fuel efficiency. When it comes to cars, a lot of people see Mercedes as a real *gas guzzler*, but when it comes to diesel, it’s another ball game. Diesel fuel is thicker which means it burns at a slower rate which gives the driver more power per litre. Mercedes trucks are powered by diesel which gives them better fuel economy than other truck brands out there, even if those trucks are also diesel powered. When it comes to buying a truck, new, or old, power is a big selling point and when your truck engine can haul a larger load – for less money why wouldn’t you choose Mercedes?

With more and more Mercedes trucks on the road it means spare parts are generally easy to buy. We are lucky in Australia, as in many other countries around the world spare truck parts for Mercedes vehicles are rare and expensive. Sourcing spare truck parts in Perth is relatively simple, most spare part dealerships will have them in stock, or they can be ordered in for you. A simple Google search of nearby truck spare parts dealerships will have a list of reputable dealers at your fingertips.

As the saying goes *game recognises game* and due to the fact, there are so many Japanese trucks on the roads, when a driver of a Mercedes truck spots a driver of another Mercedes truck they are often interested in having a chat, from talking about how well their truck performs to other guy topics such as football or fishing…. If you do run into a fellow truck driver you can always ask him where he gets parts for his truck from as well, he may be able to tell you who to go to, and who to avoid.

When it comes to buying truck parts you want to get it right first time, you want good quality, genuine or top quality after market spare parts. Who knows you may even end up keeping in contact and helping each either out when either of you need a spare part!

You can always look online for spare parts, while you search for spare parts dealerships or outlets, there are also other areas to look at when looking for spare truck parts in Perth. Gumtree or online forums are handy places to look. A note of caution, when buying anything through selling places, Market Place, Gumtree, Forums etc, always check that the parts are genuine and authentic. If you can, take the time to really familiarise yourself with the part you are looking for, this way you’ll be able to teach yourself to tell a genuine spare part from a fake.

This is important because if you do get a good deal on a part, you only have a short time to decide if the dealer is genuine and the part is too. When shopping for parts, take the part you need with you, this way you can place them side by side and do a *spot-the-difference* check, ensuring you are buying the correct part.

Word of mouth – it’s been around for centuries and for a good reason! Talk to your mechanic, talk to fellow drivers, ask around at forums for a good truck spare parts supplier, after a while you’ll notice the same names popping up again and again. These suppliers have built up a good name for themselves, a good reputation so you know it’s safe to buy from them. Even without verbal recommendations, they are still easy to spot. They are always endorsed by original truck manufacturers.

These suppliers often have a good distribution network with offices, partners and delivery services all over Australia which means you can buy a part – in person – or online wherever and whenever you want.

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