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The Top Four Pros and Cons of Charcoal Barbecue
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The Top Four Pros and Cons of Charcoal Barbecue

With the great Australian weather throughout the year, barbecuing has become the ideal method for cooking delicious steaks. With a more efficient barbecue on your patio, the weekends couldn’t be more exciting and worthwhile.

When selecting the best barbecue, you can get to crossroads. Will you choose convenience from a gas barbecue or the unique and classy taste of a charcoal grill?

While anyone prioritizing taste may opt for a charcoal grill, it offers more; read on to find out! We will also include the cons for informed decision-making.

Pros of a charcoal barbecue grill

Supreme Smokey Taste

One thing is for certain; no other grill can produce a tender, smokey taste like the charcoal barbecue grill. As your steak heats, it releases juices that fall into the hot charcoal and almost instantly burns up. The juices combine fats, oils, proteins, and sugar. They vaporize before finding their way back to your steak.

That way, it achieves that rich smokey flavour that will have you craving all week. Even chefs have a secret for restaurant-quality BBQ; the charcoal grill!

More control for you

While a button can easily regulate heat, the charcoal grill gives you ‘natural’ control. For instance, when your steak is cooking relatively faster than you wish, all you have to do is move it from the hot part to the cooler sections of the BBQ. It gives more time for the steak to rest on the grill while absorbing the rich, smokey flavour.

With various cool and hot points, one charcoal grill is enough to have you cooking several types of foods at once. You could saute your veggies on one side and roast your chicken on the other.

Portability and value

Portable charcoal barbecue grills are excellent for beach or camping trips for outdoor steaks. The compact units are foldable and ready to fit into your car any time you need them. Isn’t it the epitome of convenience in its way?

At the same time, there are high-quality charcoal BBQs with lower costs than other grills. The cost-effective addition also features low maintenance with regular replacement due to rusting tendencies.

Fast Ignition and Burning Hotter

Using a charcoal BBQ grill is simple and easy. Just utilize old newspapers to create a charcoal chimney for firing up the coals, and you are good to go. Once the fire gets started, these grills burn much hotter than their equivalents. Thanks to that, you can enjoy a crispy outer layer with tenderness on the inside. To achieve high heat, adjust air vents and add more briquettes.

Cons of a charcoal barbecue grill

More charcoal for longer cooking periods

Unfortunately, charcoal has a cooking period of approximately thirty to forty-five minutes, and on reaching its peak, it will start cooling down quickly. You will have to add more charcoal to continue cooking, meaning more work for you.

It can become quite dirty

Although dealing with ash is a small price to pay for the tasty steak you wish for, cooking with a charcoal grill may involve a lot of dirt from the coal itself to the ash residue you have to clean afterwards.

Lighting the charcoal may be a problem

Struggling to light the grill is a common issue. But that is something the chimney starter can take care of.

Low-quality charcoal is inconvenient

Cheap or relatively low-quality charcoal may incorporate undesirable small pieces and dust. The good news is that high-quality coal like the Weber Lumpwood Charcoal is up to the task.


For some high-quality barbecues, you can bet on your charcoal barbecue grill. Besides, the Weber grill can prepare your steak slowly as it regulates heat. But generally, the grills are invaluable because they are affordable and effortless to use. Even beginners start their journey to mastery with the grill. Source your charcoal barbecue grill today to harness the benefits above!


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