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How Strata Management benefits your Property Community
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How Strata Management Benefits your Property Community

Wherever you live, be it in a community estate or an apartment block, your priority is to ensure you’re comfortable and are always looking forward to coming back home after a long day. It’s one thing to have your own space styled and designed in a way that caters to you but ensuring that your lifestyle does not affect someone else or have someone else’s habits not encroach on your day to day life can be difficult. As a tenant or owner of a property building, providing an environment that is conducive for everyone to live comfortably can be difficult. However, living in strata need not be a stressful endeavour. With a strata manager, you can ensure comfortable living for all parties involved.

Strata management ensures the property involved is up and running according to set regulations and also takes into account all individuals currently residing in said property, as well as future tenants. As an apartment owner, you automatically become part of the owner’s association of your building, together with the other apartment owners. A lot needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to promoting safe and happy living. Because of this, it is easy to want your views to be taken up in opposition to the other members. To avoid such conflict, an owner’s association committee is formed, which then proceeds to represent the views of all tenants.

The committee has a lot to take care of, including change of legislation, property maintenance, finances and record keeping. These tasks can be overwhelming not to mention time-consuming. It is at such instances where the commissioning the aid of a strata manager comes in handy. The committee can decide to offload some or all tasks to a strata manager while it continues to ensure the needs of the tenants are met. By so doing, there is an assurance of comfortable living that goes beyond your own four walls.

Strata services span over various fields, which include financial, administrative and supplier management. The strata company you or your committee has chosen to work with becomes responsible for preparing levy statements, financial accounts in accordance with the Australian Accounting Standards, monitor debtors and even provide a cash management report should the need arise. Whatever specialist has been assigned to work with your property liaises constantly with your committee, ensuring records are up to date, repairs have been done and complaints have been taken up and resolved. At the end of the day, you, the property owner, determine decisions on various aspects with final decisions being voted on at your property’s annual general meeting.

Although some strata may be similar in terms of appearance, you can rest assured that the strata company you work with will come up with solutions that are unique to your particular strata. Those who live in townhouses or villas can also benefit from such a service. The complexities that come with living in a strata can be immense; hiring a strata company to ensure you don’t have to deal with any of it while at the same time enhancing your living experience in your particular community.


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