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Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Odours in Your Home

We just love our fur babies! But what we don’t always love about them is just how stinky they can get – and how they can stink up the insides of our homes! While it might not be such an issue for us, it’s often embarrassing having guests around and you can just see them recoiling in a bit of horror at that doggie smell. Keeping pet odours out of our homes is an ongoing issue.

We’re definitely giving up our cuddly loves ones but we really need to manage that smell. So here’s some tips on how to do it effectively.

Brush your pet daily

Lots of the smells that your animal leaves around the house are attached to their fur – which they also happen to leave everywhere! To ensure they leave less hair around the house than usual, you should pick up a pet hair grooming brush and get to work on them, every single day. Pets shed more hair than us because they have more hair, so just make this task part of your daily routine.

Vacuum at least twice a week

To scoop up all the fur, dirt, and other tracked in muck from your fur babies, you need to vacuum more often than regular households, too. This may be a pain in the proverbial, however it can seriously help to keep your home less smelly because of your pets.

Wash your pets often

How often do you give your pets a good wash? once a month? Less often? More often? Ideally, you should be washing your pets once a week, or sometimes even more depending on their activities. You will notice after about a week or so your pets will start to get a bit pongy – and this pong will start to rub off on your home.

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Always give pets a bath if they’ve been swimming

No matter when the last time you washed them was, if your pets have gone swimming, in the ocean, river, or even pool, then you will need to give them a good wash afterwards before they step inside your home. The dirty water can accentuate their smell which will make it that much stinkier when they rub off around the home.

Spray down surfaces with a vinegar solution

Did you know that vinegar is an excellent pet odour neutralizer? That’s right, plain old vinegar can help to absorb smells. Pop some vinegar in a spray bottle and use on all the surfaces which you can spray with liquids. You can choose to add essential oils (citronella oil is a good one) to the vinegar to help it not smell like vinegar so much afterwards! Open all your windows to get the air flow happening.

Sprinkle carpets and fabric furniture with baking soda

For all surfaces that you can’t spray vinegar on, there’s baking soda. Baking soda also helps to absorb odours, which is why many people keep an open container of it in their fridges! For surfaces such as carpets and material covered furniture, sprinkle with baking soda and leave to sit overnight. In the morning, you can vacuum up the baking soda, which will have taken away (at least some of) the smell.

Deep clean your carpets every 3 months

If you’ve got pets then you will need to get the professionals in to deep clean your carpets more often than a regular household would. About once every three months you should book for a deep clean, and make clear that you have pets to the provider. This will help keep those stinky smells from building up. Regular households probably only need to deep clean about once per year or so. You can also rent deep cleaning machines yourself if you want to save a bit of coin – and you might like to add some vinegar to the cleaning agent used in the machine.

Keep clean and keep nasty smells at bay by following our tips. Even though your pets might not be put off by their own smell, other people might be, or you might be too! Grooming and cleaning every week will help you to keep your home smelling as fresh as it can with your little furry friends around.


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