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Natural Stone Pavers

Surfaces that have paver fittings look elegant in the home in a car park or a children play space. Paver stones exist in several varieties and each type has a distinct feel and appearance. More than serve aesthetic purposes, the stones prolong the life of your patio. Paver stones exist in varieties that include travertine, marble, granite, flagstone, cobblestone, sandstone and bluestone pavers.

Travertine Pavers 

These pavers have pores and a coarse appearance. Nonetheless, travertine pavers retain their elegant look. The pavers are ideal for indoor and outdoor pavement purposes. Their rough texture makes them ideal for installation where anti-slippery surfaces are important. Travertine is the best choice for installation on deck pavers on swimming pools. The pavers are manufactured from calcium carbonate hence you should avoid cleaning them with very strong detergents and scrubbing agents.

Marble Pavers

Pavers made from marble stone make a good choice in decorating surfaces. Marble comes in various designs and colours that give your paver an exquisite look. The look of marble is one to die for. Moreover, Installation can be done in anti-slippery form making them ideal for use in the outdoors such as patios, pavements, and pool decks.

Granite Pavers

This type of pavers is tough, long-lasting and comes in many colours and patterns that provide the user with a striking combination of choices. Granite pavers perfectly fit a walkway, patio or a deck in a pool.

Flagstone Pavers

These are slabs from several natural stones that are cut in different shapes and sizes to cover pavers. Flagstone pavers mostly come in different colours and selection is based on personal preference. Based on individual needs, the pavers can either be sealed or set on a surface.

Cobblestone Pavers

Cobblestone is a general name for sharp or curved pieces of stones that occur naturally such as limestone and granite. Cobblestones are normally used on pavements. They have a rough texture, come in various shapes, sizes, material and colours. All these features allow you to experiment with different patterns and hues. There is no limit to the options.

Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone pavers are customized to your individual needs as they sever easily. The stone is tough and has a beautiful colour with brown, black, pink, and grey being among the colours you can choose. Since it is grainy in texture, sandstone is prone to staining and can acquire scratches. Therefore, you need to protect it from sharp objects and other items that can lead to its damage. If you intend to use sandstone pavers around pools and other areas with excess moisture, have a coarse surface installed.

Bluestone Pavers

This a common name for natural stones such as limestone, basalt and slate. These tough stones are fitting for pavers as they are durable rocks that can withstand destruction. They are perfect for high traffic areas. In walkways, bluestone pavers give a thermal finish, an anti-slippery and a rugged feel. If you want a paver that delivers on looks and offers uniqueness, try installing one made designed from the above natural stones. Seek professional assistance when it comes to picking the right paver for your surfaces. A paver that is installed well will give your walkway or patio an elegant look while still ensuring safety. A good paver goes a long way in revamping spaces.

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