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Travertine Paving Inspirations for your Home

The appearance of an outdoor space speaks volumes. As a result, homeowners invest a hefty sum to have a front or backyard that best represents their home. This is where travertine comes in.

Travertine is among the most popular flooring materials. Known for its ageless appearance, soft feel and long-lasting appeal, it is an excellent option for your porch.

The stone draws attention to its every detail by combining a victorian appearance with the chique modern look.

The stone is nature’s gift to interior designers and landscapers. Here are some of the ways you can use travertine paving in your home

Travertine finish for your pool?

A travertine finish is ideal if you’re looking for a perfect intermediary between your pool and deck.

The different shades of travertine merge well with the architecture of any yard. It makes it easy to blend colours and feels around the pool.

Moreover, the absorbent and grip-filled nature of travertine means you can safely waltz around your pool after a swim with fewer risks of slipping.

The raw finish on the tiles also gives the floor an earthy look and feel. Travertine is also resistant to harsh conditions making it good for outdoor application, especially around the pool.

However, avoid using travertine as a finish inside your swimming pool. The rock has a porous nature which will slowly drain the pool water. In addition, it could be wasteful and stressful for any pool owner.

The natural porous nature of travertine allows you to bask on the floors on a hot sunny day without much

discomfort. This is because the stone absorbs heat rather than reflect it to its surface.

The stone also has a soft feel on the skin and feet, offering minimal resistance when in contact.

A simple regular clean of your outdoor travertine pool finish is enough for maintenance. No need for fancy chemicals or processes; you only require a floral scrub. Moreover, spray clean water to keep the rock buoyant and retain its natural appeal.

The low maintenance needs mean less worry about the condition of your floor.

An earthy look indoors?

Most people consider travertine a tremendous outdoor flooring finish. But have you considered indoor application?

You can carve travertine stone into tiles of whatever shape and size to fit in your indoor spaces. The result is a timeless look.

Polished finishes work favourably for indoor travertine tiles, giving a smoother and eclectic appearance. The tiles offer a great transition of flooring from

the porch. Furthermore, raw finished travertine floors flowing into polished clear cut tiles gives a matching yet unique aesthetic.

Bathroom floors and tabletops also flourish with a travertine finish. This natural stone fits in perfectly as tabletop stones. Since the stone is natural, it’s highly resistant to mould and ages slowly.

Travertine guarantees a bathroom look that is classy and traditional while avoiding challenges like moulds and drain marks on the surfaces.

Hues of travertine

The different shades and polishes of travertine carry a significant impact depending on where they’re used.

Darker hues, when polished, create a magnificent ambience, especially in the evening light. The rock gently reflects light from the night sky, turning an ordinary backyard into a charming space.

Lighter shades like cream and beige work well with daytime lighting. The hues boost the general appearance and create a vibrant feel. Limestone pavers Newcastle come in a vast range of finishing options that work for different spaces. Nonetheless, your preference is king. So as you seek inspiration for your home yards and bathroom, consider travertine tiles and pavers; they are beautiful gifts from nature.

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