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Christmas Gifts for the Gourmet Friend

We all have one. A friend who has a penchant for the finer things in life. In this case, it’s finer things in life that you can stuff into your face with the utmost grace and poise, obviously. The gourmet friend is someone who is always in the know of new restaurants to hit up after work. They are also sometimes found in the kitchen, trying to recreate dishes they saw on MasterChef the night before. Their fridge is always stocked with homemade pesto and sauces they have either made or acquired from some dark alley where you have to use a secret knock.

Well, Christmas is peeking over the horizon and if you’re one of those people who has order and organization in your life you’re probably started to make a list and check it twice and thinking about what to buy your friends, some naughty and some super nice.

Well, this post is to give you some ideas of what to get your gourmet friend.

A Degustation Experience

Degustation is a fine dining experience where you get to taste the chef’s finest dishes in small portions. There are usually about eight to ten courses, paired with wines. Your gourmet friend will be frothing at the mouth as he explains the subtleties of the flavours and the possible ingredients used. If you do decide to go with them, humour them by joining in with the gastronomic banter and do some internet research so you too can speak the gourmet lingo.

A Pasta Machine

The gourmet friend won’t except conventional dried pasta and will relish in the fact that they have the ability to make their own fresh linguine with clam sauce. They will invite you over and be delighted to share their new found past time of making fresh pasta. As the fork filled with fresh pasta approaches your mouth for your first bite, the gourmet chef will sit in anticipation, as they wait for your reaction and before you have even swallowed it will ask your opinion. Of course, you are going to say that it’s the best pasta you have ever tasted. And it probably will be, if your friend is that foodie. You could always be a harsh critic and say that you have had better, teasing them to outdo themselves next time.

A Foodie Magazine Subscription

When the gourmet friend is not watching cooking shows, you will often find them flipping through magazines and reading reviews on new restaurants. They eagerly wait by the mailbox for each month’s issue so they can gather ideas and invite you around for a meal of their new creation.

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Winery Tour

A winery tour is an ideal gift for the gourmet friend. They will get to the see the process from grape to table of their favourite drink. Most of the farms also have other gourmet treats and preserves that the gourmet friend will start drooling over and maybe get a little too excited. A gift that has this power will help you form an even stronger bond with the gourmet friend and you will be invited around more to try their creations. And low and behold as their cooking skills increase and so will the pleasure of the dinner invitations.

Wine Club Subscription

Yes, there are wine clubs. Kind of like the old CD club where you receive a few CDs every month. This is for wine. You may have seen these people at the airports at stands trying to lure you in with a glass of free wine. Yes, it worked on me. This is a great gift hamper for you and your gourmet friend, because after all, when you go over for dinner you are going to need something to drink with the meal. And at least if the food is bad the wine will wash it down nicely.

The Gourmet Gift Basket

This is an easy one;a no-brainer that requires little effort on your part, although has maximum results. These baskets are filled with the finest food and drink from Australia and all over the world. They contain everything to get the dinner party started. If your gourmet friend invites you over to try one of their new creations at least you will know the pre-dinner snacks and drinks will be of a gourmet standard. But be careful!The gourmet friend may feel threatened by the quality of the goods in the hamper that may overshadow his kitchen prowess.

Cook for Your Gourmet Friend

This is a tricky one. Find a dish that is ridiculously tedious to make that contains ingredients that you have to search for in far corners of the city and cook it for them. But don’t cook it for them begrudgingly. Cook it with love and care and I’m sure your gourmet friend will appreciate every mouthful. Maybe try a few practice runs on your not so gourmet friends and if they give it the thumbs up then there is a fair chance that the gourmet friend will too.


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