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Why Study Options Need to be Flexible

Improving your job prospects with a professionally recognised certification is a smart decision, but we recognise it can be difficult for students to change their busy schedules to make it to training and tutorials. This is why flexible learning options work so well. But not all education providers allow students this type of system; in fact, some institutions rigidly deny any sort of wiggle-room for students to do the work in more accessible formats.

So why is flexible learning so necessary today?


Flexible learning supports an inclusive environment

Whether you’re physically located in an area that makes it impractical for you to make it to campus, or you’re just not that comfortable heading into a tertiary educational centre because of your gender, age or life situation – flexible learning encourages and supports a diverse environment.

No student should be discouraged from following their dream because it doesn’t mesh with their culture or background, or they happen to live in a remote area and are supporting their family.

Flexible learning courses allow students to do the same work, to the same standard, with the same resources as any other in-person course.


Students can manage work, study and family commitments

More so now than ever before, we are seeing a surge in mature-aged students returning to tertiary educational providers to up-skill or reskill in areas that they are passionate about.

Many of our mature-aged students prefer the flexible learning options as it allows for them to continue to earn a living and look after their family without their course being a detriment to their well-being. In addition, some certifications can be completed on a part-time basis, so courses can be lengthened to ensure the student can achieve the best possible marks without damaging their other commitments.

Flexible learning courses are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, and with plenty of resources and information, there’s every reason to create the career of your dreams today.


Students get all the same access but at a touch of a button

Where once students learning off-campus may have felt hamstrung by poor information packs, nowadays students are able to receive all their modules, assignments and reference material at a touch of a button.

Whether you’re travelling to work on the train, or taking a break from the kids, there’s instant access to the right information at any time.

In addition, students can get easy access to educators and tutors so questions can be swiftly answered – it’s just like a mobile on-campus experience!


We’re in a 24/7 world, so why can’t schooling reflect that?

As businesses and lifestyles become increasingly 24/7, so does the opportunity for 24/7 education courses.

It’s no secret that the world is becoming more competitive, and with that, so do the industries in which we want to enter and lead. This is where flexible studying can give you that important edge.

With flexible studying, students of all ages and backgrounds are choosing to do modules and study at times that would be traditionally untenable for on-campus situations: lunch-hours, commute times, and in-between kids baths and after bedtimes.

Access to the internet supports students in learning more, which is why we have created courses that allow students to log-on from any location to access leading industry information.

In addition, submission of projects becomes simpler with fewer real-world blocks to interfere with lodgement.



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