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Some Refreshing Scents to Use Around Your Home

Aromatherapy in the home is hot right now. Refreshing scents are used to help lift and brighten the mood or entice you into staying in a room. Whether it’s candles, fresh ingredients, or essential oils, try out these refreshing scents around the home to make your place a much more enticing place to be.

use lemon lavendar, Vanilla, Ginger, pine, Jasmine Around Your Home for Refreshing Scents


Lemon is a wonderfully bright, fresh scent that can be used pretty much anywhere is the home. While many cleaning products already come infused with lemon, you can also have a natural lemon scent instead if you so wish. Lemon is a great deodorizer, the expert at covering up bad smells.

For those that aren’t the biggest fans of lemon, other citrus flavours might be more your speed. Choose an orange or mandarin flavour to have a sweeter smell or lime for something with a bit more of a zing to it.


Lavender is a very traditional scent used around the home. You may even remember your grandparents using little bundles of dried lavender in their clothes drawers to keep them smelling fresh and sweet. If lavender doesn’t evoke memories of old people for you, this might be a great touch to add in the bedroom.

The scent helps us to drift off to sleep more easily for a deeper and more undisturbed slumber. This scent is also popular for use in the bathroom, too.


The fresh zing of ginger is not only brilliant for use in cooking, but also a great scent to use around the home, particularly in the kitchen. Ginger is often mixed with other spices to create a room scent that is fresh and exotic without being too overpowering.

A ginger mixed candle in the kitchen can be a great way to help get rid of scents that have arisen in the kitchen due to cooking. This is particularly handy if you have been cooking something with a bit of a pungent smell to it.


Dreaming of your childhood? Vanilla is a beautifully warming and happy scent that can also remind us of one of our favorite treats – ice cream! Vanilla is used heavily in various scent mixes for its sweet and calming aroma. Universally appreciated, vanilla makes a great choice when you are entertaining in the home. Your guests will be greeted by the warm cuddle of vanilla dancing on their noses, and be instantly put at ease.

Try vanilla out with various different spices to give the scent a little bit of an edge. A popular choice to mix with vanilla is cinnamon – yum yum!


Another favorite scent used in a lot of cleaning products is pine. The smell of a fresh forest is intoxicating, and the smell of pine also helps to disguise and soak up bad smells. While pine is the most popular tree-based scent used in the home, there are also other forest type scents such as cedar that can be used and produce a different, deeper smell.

Use pine when your home is smelling musty, or you’ve had problems with damp and mould to really banish those bad scents and have your home smelling nice and fresh again.


An oldie but a goodie, sandalwood is particularly popular for use in incense around the world for its exotic, mysterious, and uplifting properties. This beautiful smell can be used anywhere really but is most popular in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

You can choose to have sandalwood incense for the more traditional approach or go for candles or other aromatherapy products to help you get this beautiful scent.


Jasmine makes for a wonderfully sweet and light scent for the home which is perfect for walkways and entertaining areas. The sweet smell of the jasmine flower is not just popular as a base for perfumes, but as a base for home scents, too.

Jasmine is often mixed with other floral notes in candles, or for a truly natural take on things, you might even like to try out your very own indoor jasmine plant. You can buy potted jasmine from nurseries around the country, just make sure that your indoor plant is getting enough light throughout the day.

Get your home cleaned before you start adding these fresh scents to really make the most out of your home.


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