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Vehicle and machinery producers are always working hard to make sure their clients can recognize and have easy access to genuine parts for their products. This is because the use of counterfeit components in your machinery compromises its performance and can cause the damage of other critical parts of the equipment. Secondly, counterfeit parts have a shorter lifespan than the genuine ones and are often less efficient. This adulterates the overall performance of the machinery and tarnishes the name of the brand.

Dieselcraft and companies like it were set up to produce reliable genuine products that can be used as essential components in larger machinery like industrial filters, wastewater plants, the automotive industry and many more.

Large machinery manufacturers cannot produce every component that is used in their machines and use approved components from other manufacturers who have specialized in various fields such as cooling and lubrication systems, electronic systems and monitoring systems among others.

Dieselcraft was founded in 2002 and has since specialized in developing equipment for cleaning engine oil and fuel. This is essential in boosting engine performance and fuel efficiency resulting in massive savings for transport industry operators and logistics firms. Below are some of dieselcraft’s stellar products.

Bypass Oil Filtration System

The flagship Dieselcraft product is the bypass oil filtration system which is a smart alternative to fuel filters. Unlike fuel filters, it does not depend on filtration membranes which can only filter out particles that are 25 microns and larger. This system relies on a powerful centrifuge system that spins at 2,000 times the force of gravity to separate impurities as small as one micron from the oil.

The main advantage of the Dieselcraft Bypass filtration system is that it increases the intervals between oil changes and saves the cost of swapping out clogged filters almost doubling the lifespan and efficiency of the engine oil.

liquid filtration

Fuel-Water Separator Purifier

It is virtually impossible to have diesel without a drop of water in your tank. Water gets into diesel in a wide variety of ways including condensation within the fuel tank and contamination at the source among others. Separation of water from your fuel is vital for the health of your engine. The presence of water interferes with the fuel efficiency, the operation of the lubricating oils.

Dieselcraft has developed a dynamic fuel purifier that can extract up to 99.5% of all solids and free water in diesel fuel. This equipment uses the different surface tensions of water and diesel to separate the fluids along with other impurities. The fuel water separation process is more efficient when the equipment uses a large surface area and a long residence time. Residence time refers to the duration it takes for the fluid to pass through the cleaning equipment. Longer residence times usually yield better results.

In order to ensure excellent results, Dieselcraft matches the surface area and settings of the purifier to the fuel flow rate and passes the fluid over activated alumina. This causes the free water to agglomerate and drops out of the fuel freely. The Dieselcraft fuel purifiers are available in a wide range of sizes capable of handling fuel flow speeds from as low as 270 litres per hour to high velocities of 726 Litres per minute.

Oil and Fuel Testing

Dieselcraft is quickly becoming an authority in the oils and fuel testing industry with the development of world-class equipment and personnel capable of testing your oil samples in accordance to ASTME standards and emailing you accurate results and recommendations within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the samples. The basic Dieselcraft oil tests check the viscosity, water content, additives, fuel dilution and presence of wear metals among others. Dieselcraft also offers more extended tests for the presence of arsenic and mercury among other metals in waste oil as well as airborne dirt and total base/ total acid number.

In addition, the company has a wide variety of fuel test kits available to help you carry out any test you want such as water in fuel test, bacteria test and fuel clarity tests among others. These allow you to check the quality of fuel delivered to you before you fill your reserve tanks. Fuel stored over a long time needs to be checked at least once every three months to avoid growth of bacteria and fungi that could damage your fuel systems.


In its sixteen or so years of operation, Dieselcraft has grown into a household brand and is well accepted all over the world with a strong presence in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific among other locations. The company is guaranteed to grow steadily if it keeps up the good work and continues raising its standards of excellent service in the transport, Mining and Agricultural industries.


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