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Varun Rana

The Regional History Of Texan BBQ

When most people think of Texas, they think of vast ranches, wild cowboys, big hats, and bigger guns. This image has been reinforced by movies and pop culture portrayals. That’s why the Texas flooding after Hurricane Harvey was such a…

Luxury Gift Baskets for Your Man

Isn’t it wonderful when you gift your man those little gifts that make him feel appreciated? He might be at the office, working on his birthday, or he might be separated from you by thousands of kilometres, but you can…

Should You Speak To A Debtor Once They Have Been Handed To A Debt Collector?

Getting cash that your clients owe you can sometimes be a challenging thing. The situation differs based on context, of course. For example, if you’re a bank or credit card company, then you’re claiming physical cash that customers had borrowed….