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Make a Statement With These Stylish Fireplaces

Your furnace is one part of your home décor that can be as functional as it is beautiful. In addition to keeping you warm and elevating your social status in the eyes if your house guests, it can also be a loud testament to your sense of style. In the old days, wood-burners were rustic and gas heaters were modern. The deline-ation isn’t as clear nowadays.

Your wood furnace could have greenstart technology that gives your logs one-touch lighting, or a heat bank that eliminates every last trace of smoke. It might even use wood pellets over conventional logs, produce fewer sparks, hardly release any emissions. At the other end, if you’re not a fan of inbuilt wood fireplaces, Sydney offers gas burners with flaming logs that never quite turn to ash.

Similarly, your electric fireplace could have designer features that make it look and sound just like a live fire, down to the dancing flames and crackling sparks. They can be operated by remote, and if all you want is a pretty view, you can shut down the heat and just enjoy the magical firelights. Some furnaces even have coloured flames in red, blue, green, and purple.

Coonara Settler Ranch Freestanding Fireplace

For an interesting mix of convenience and modernity, try the Coonara freestanding unit. Beneath the burner, there’s a cute little slot where you can stack your logs, just like in the countryside. However, these logs in no way detract from the up-to-date ambience of your living room because the heater is loaded with right angles, clean lines, cubic shapes, and a metallic finish that embodies 21st century style.

This unit is designed and built in Australia and features a large glass viewing panel that’s a little over 40cm by 30cm, and an easy to open insulated handle. Although it’s a wood-burner, it has its own electrical three-speed fan for even heat distribution. Its heating range is a bit over 20m2, and it burns with an efficiency of 73% and emission rate of just 1.3g/kg. If you’d like the chimney flue included in your package, it can be designed to rise one storey.

Wood Heaters Sydney

Dimplex Mocca Opti-Myst Electric Fire

You don’t need any optimism to believe in this fireplace. It’s a fully portable unit, so you can take it wherever you want – from room to room, or even to a campsite (if it has electrical outlets). It comes with a 2 year warranty, so you know it’s a quality piece, and you can order it in black or white. Opti-myst technology gives you the look of fire without the fuss.

The furnace has a water chamber that is heated up to release ultra-fine mist. The furnace also has artificial logs and stones, which serve as a bed for the ‘fire’ and ‘smoke’. Light from these technological elements reflects against the foggy particles to create mesmerising wisps of smoke and the hazy illusion of live flames. It’s an immensely realistic wonder in 3D.

As for the fireplace itself, its attractively curvy pillar shape is gorgeous to see and touch. Beneath the viewing panel is a storage slot for decorative logs, adding to the realism. When the water tank is full, the furnace can burn continuously for up to 8 hours. The whole system is swift and silent, so there’s no bubbling or crackling in this ultrasonic technology. The unit also includes a thermostat, and can be operated by remote.

Lopi ProBuilder 72 Linear Gas Fireplace

You can make a statement with a massive, flatscreen TV and endure the cracks about what you may be compensating for. Buuuut you can make an even bigger statement with a horizontal fireplace, which – for some unknown reason – is rarely associated with phallic imagery. Might be something to do with the heat.

The 72 inch Lopi is the king of Lopi gas fireplaces in Sydney. It sits snugly in its chosen location, flush against the wall. It has the dual effect of widening your square footage, because it doesn’t occupy floor space and it elongates the room, opening it up and making it seem more airy. Plus, because it’s a gas burner, it won’t smoke up the room or make it stuffy.

It has a standard wall switch, an opt-in remote control, and will continue to burn even when the power is off. Inside the viewing panel, you can select burning media of crushed coloured glass, stone, or artificial logs that will never burn through or produce a single ashy speck. Its fans are unobtrusively silent, and it can spread heat for up to 200 square metres.

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