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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Boss

What kind of boss do you have? Is she the laid back easy type that pals around with you and listens to your opinion, or is she more about the chain of command and keeps a formal distance? Either way, getting her a gift for her birthday is a good way to foster positive feelings. And if you don’t know her birthday (or even if you do), then Mother’s Day is just as good an excuse to buy a gift hampers for Her. You could go solo or chip in with your colleagues to raise the budget.

Be sure to talk to her secretary, who probably knows her better than her spouse does, making the PA a great Mother’s Day equivalent of ‘secret Santa’s helper’. Once you have a clearer concept of what your boss generally likes – or maybe she even painted a sharper picture of her gift preference – you can start shopping.

Premium chocolate and a robe

Everybody loves a plush bathrobe, that’s why we keep stealing them from hotel rooms. Offer your boss a snuggle-worthy gift box that contains a warm, fluffy robe made with a super soft pile. The hamper also has a luxury selection of chocolate from Koko Black plus a complimentary gift card. If you’d like to add a celebratory touch, you can have a specialty bottle of vino added to the hamper for an additional fee.

Alternatively, you could buy her a Recipe for Relaxation hamper. It doesn’t come with a bathrobe (though you can add one) but it does have a pink micro plush throw blanket in a blushing shade of pink. To sate her sweet tooth, the gift box has melting moments and chocolate bark, and to soother her spirits, there’s a scented candle and a hug-me mug.

Girly gin and tonic

If your boss loves her spirits, give her the chance to be wild for a night and be a funky mummy. This luxury gift basket contains such delights as rhubarb & ginger in, and yes, it’s pink. The basket also has two bottles of Fever Tree tonic. The hamper also has caramel popcorn and natural green olives complete with a pit.

The hamper is delicately packaged in a white willow basket perfect for picnics, mummies’ movie nights, or book club meetings. You can have a personalised message added to the hamper, and if you use their delivery service, you’ll receive an email alert once the hamper is safely in the hands of your boss.

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Foodie’s delight

Is your boss a gourmet food lover with possible roots in the UK? Give her a little hankering for a home with this batch of made-in-UK goodies. It’s a delicious mix of savory and sweet that will tingle her tongue in pleasure, and there’s lots of comfort food in here too. Some of the gift basket items are Olive’s olives, crunchy cookies and chocolate flapjacks from Grandma Wild, and Monty Bojangles Flutter Scotch.

There’s also Prices ham, lemon and blackcurrant preserve, Elizabeth Shaw flutes, orange marmalade, orange segments, Nibnib’s rosemary breadsticks, and Baxter’s canned soups. To top it off, there’s fudge, redcurrant jelly, and new berry fruit, not forgetting pickles and English tea. For the next few weeks, every tea-time will offer your boss a taste of England.

Chocolate bouquets

Some mothers like to keep it simple. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. If your boss is that kind of a mum, you don’t have to be too adventurous in your gift selection. Just buy her a massive bouquet. Not flowers though. Those are trite, and everyone else will buy roses and lilies. Plus, since they’ll all be bought on the same day, they’ll go bad at the same rate.

So one morning, her office will be full of sweet-smelling blooms, and three days later, everything will be dull and wilted. Who wants to be responsible for that? Instead, snoop around and find out her favorite brand of chocolate. Then, get her a bouquet of them. They’re packaged just like flowers, complete with a ribbon, and are available in single brands, pairs, or mixes.

Try Lindor and Ferrero Rocher, or Maltesers and Galaxy. Alternatively, get a mix of classics, or a Cadburys pre-selected variety pack. You might even go all out and buy a mixed bouquet with chocolate gift hamper, silk roses, and scented candles, all in a pretty bunch. And these roses are made of fabric, so they’ll last forever. Hand-wash only.

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