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Successful Pest Control – It’s All In The Strategy

Pest control around the home, starts with you! Some of the pests you may find in and around your home include, spiders, flies, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats and mice. Fortunately, pesticides can be purchased from your local supermarket or hardware store to deal with a wide range of crawling and flying insects or bugs.

If you find that despite using *over the counter* sprays you are still being inundated by pests, you could have an infestation, if this is the case, you need a professional pest control company to come out, take a look and advise you and showyou how they can eradicate your problem.

When you are dealing with bugs around your home you must remember that it is unrealistic to expect your home to be completely bug free. When you do buy an over the counter spray or treatment make sure it is designed to be used on the pest you want to use it on. A fly spray may not be as effective on a cockroach, so choose a spray suitable for killing cockroaches instead.

When buying sprays or pesticides don’t *stock up* just buy the amount you think you need now to do the job. Always read instructions properly and use the product as directed. If you are setting traps for rats or mice – never set traps or baits in areas accessible by small children or pets and always use gloves when handling any form of poisons and wash your hands afterwards.

Some pesticides like sprays are fast acting, they will kill the bug and then break down, while surface sprays will linger for longer as they have been designed to last for days, or even weeks after the initial application.

One of the best ways to help stop or prevent an infestation or problem is to make your home as *unattractive* to pests as you can. Keeping pests out is half the battle

  • RODENTS – while it’s tempting to leave food out for the native birds and animals, don’t place scraps in the garden. If you feed your dog or cat outside throw out any left-over food as quickly as possible. If you have an outdoor bird aviary keep birdseed in *rodent-proof* containers. If you or a neighbour have fruit trees, pick up any fruit that has fallen to the ground and throw it out. Keep any potential nesting places such as rubbish or wood piles off the ground. If using traps or baits don’t place them where children or pets can be harmed.
  • FLIES –Keep your lids on rubbish bins and if you have a compost keep it in a well-sealed container. Flies don’t like pyrethrum, this is an ingredient commonly used in fly spray. You could try planting some pyrethrum daisies near your front and back doors to keep flies away. There are also traps with a pungent smell that attracts flies inside where they get trapped and die, these are only for use outside.
  • FLEAS – Stop fleas by washing your pets, their blankets and bedding regularly. If your pet is being *bothered* by fleas, talk to your local vet for suggestions/ideas on dealing with the problem, and finding a solution to kill and prevent fleas.
  • COCKROACHES – remove sources of water such as left-over water in showers, sinks, baths or in dishes left in the kitchen sink. Cockroaches need a source of water daily to survive. Don’t leave food scraps on benches or in pet bowls. Seal any cracks or crevices where cockroaches may be able to get into your home. Keep lids on your rubbish bin and don’t keep wood piles or mulch near the house.
  • MOSQUITOES – drain any collected puddles of water as this is where mosquitoes breed. Change water in birdbaths at least once a week and run the filter on your swimming pool for a few hours each day. Regularly clean your gutters of leaves and other debris that may collect water – bowls under pot plants, watering cans etc. If you have a fish pond, ask your aquarium dealer for tips or advice on adding some larvae eating fish to your fish pond.

While the above tips will help keep some pests under control around your home, if you are finding that it’s difficult to manage, or you just want to have the peace of mind that comes from having your *house sprayed* contact your local pest control company. They will be happy to come out, have a look around and they have the skills and knowledge to recognise any issues or problems and to deal with it correctly.


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