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Why A Mobile Car Wash Is An Excellent Birthday Gift

For most people, washing their car is not something they give much thought. It might be a chore they undertake during the weekends. They spend thirty minutes soaping and rinsing the car while playing loud music. Or maybe they drive to the local carwash or ask the neighbourhood kids to do it for a few dollars. They might even leave it to their kids.

Washing your car at home is fine for the average customer. It removes surface dust and gives your car a nice sheen. If you take it to an automated carwash, it probably gets more thorough treatment, being scrubbed both inside and out. It takes time though, because you have to leave the house, go to the carwash centre, and wait while your car is cleaned.

Imagine how nice it would be to lounge in bed while someone else does the dirty work for you. Perhaps you dream of enjoying breakfast in bed, watching your favourite show, or reading a good book. With no effort (or expense) on your part, someone will pick up your car, drive it to the cleaners, wait for it to get detailed, then bring it right back. Bliss.

Think about the level of pleasure you’d get out of this. Now think of someone that could benefit from this service, preferably someone that you know would return the favour. And you don’t have to do the work of driving their car to the carwash, though you’ll probably have to prepare the breakfast and serve it in bed.

Best mobile car detailers have a wide network and are willing to drive almost anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. They will come right to your driveway, thoroughly clean your car, and be on their way. You don’t even have to lift a finger except when you dial their number. It’s the perfect birthday present, leaving the car clean, shiny, and ready to drive for that birthday outing or dinner date.

When you give someone a mobile car wash as a birthday gift, you’ll pay for the detailing, naturally. But you might still be worried that you’ll have to buy soap and cleaning implements. And you can’t pay their water or power bill. That would be overkill, not to mention awkward, even though it would be appreciated.

To avoid uneasy situations, just get a reputable detailer. The best ones come with a fully equipped mobile detailing unit. It’s not just a guy with a van and some branded buckets. Mobile car wash units have their water tanks and power sources, so you don’t have to pay for the water or electricity they use on your car.

Mobile detailers also have their own highly specialised cleaning products that won’t damage your car. And they won’t just attack the dirt with soap and sponges. They have a wide array of cloths, tools, vacuums, brushes, and suction tools. They are equipped to handle all car vehicle parts, from under-car bushes and rubber window seals to leather seats and fabric carpets. The only thing they don’t clean is the engine.

With this level of cleaning equipment, the car will be cleaner than it’s ever been. Depending on the type of detail you purchase, detailers can do the inside and outside, plus the wheels and car accessories. You can request odour control to completely get rid of unwanted smells. Even a chain smoker, toddler’s mum, or pet lover can get their wheels completely odour free.

If you’d like to give the car an extra sheen, you can order a full detail that includes professional waxing. Detailers will wash, dry, wax, and buff your car to showroom levels, and they’ll do it all right in your driveway. So the next time you’re stumped for birthday gift ideas, check out your friendly neighborhood mobile car wash unit.

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