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Is Your Bedroom in Direct Sun – Options to Consider to Keep The Sun Under Control?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and while it can be lovely to have a bedside view of spectacular sunrises or sunsets. It’s not for everyone. For some sleepers, having the sun invade your beauty sleep is a sin punishable by death. It’s worse on the weekends when you finally have a chance to sleep in.

There are several ways to take care of the problem. You can get thick curtains that block off all the light as well as external noise. Curtains will make the room warmer, and they can add a nice accent to your bedroom décor. Unfortunately, curtains trap a lot of dust, so they can make the room stuffy and trigger allergies.

Curtains, especially thick curtains, are cumbersome to clean. When you do wash them, they consume an inordinate amount of water, soap, and power. They will take ages to dry, leaving you exposed to the sun while they do. Plus, in cooler months, curtains might absorb moisture and end up being mouldy.

Plan B would be to move your bed to a different part of the bedroom, one that isn’t in direct sunlight. This assumes your bedroom is big enough to accommodate the shift, and that your bed is light enough to move. It also assumes the layout of your room can still work if you move the bed.

If your bedroom has an irregular shape, moving the bed might make it look unbalanced. It may open too much space, which means you’d need additional furniture to fill out your room. Conversely, if your room is small, the bed might only fit in its current configuration. Moving it, if it can move at all, could end up making your room even smaller.

You do have a third option. You can install roller shutters on your window. There are many different kinds available, and they are easy roller shutters insulation, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. Plus, on the odd mornings where you do feel inspired to rise with the birds, you can open the shutters and enjoy the early morning colours.

There are two main types of roller shutters. Mini-view shutters give you a view of the outdoors because they have visibility gaps between their spaces. If your bedroom is on an elevated floor and you enjoy natural light, this is a good option. But if you’re on a lower floor and are worried about privacy and nosey neighbours, you might want to try something else.

Mini-view shutters are made of polycarbonate plating, and they have inbuilt ultraviolet protection. When they’re closed, they offer ventilation and a view. But if you’d like full access, you can draw the shutters completely into the pelmet box, leaving a wide open space. The shutters can be as wide as 4 metres, and they’re lockable for additional security. They can also be used to partially enclose a balcony area in your bedroom.

Window roller shutters are a more popular option for bedrooms. The slats on these shutters close completely, blocking out light, sound, harsh weather, and intruders. The shutters can resist wildfires and storms, keeping your windows and your property safe.

When you lower these shutters, they lock themselves automatically, but you can add slide locks or key locks for additional psychological satisfaction. They can be up to 3.5 metres wide and come in a wide range of attractive colours. You can raise the shutters by hand using a manual winder, but you can also have them set up for electronic remote control. Every shutter has a discreet pelmet box, so during the day, you don’t have to worry about bulky, unsightly overhangs. The shutter tucks completely into the pelmet.

Window shutters are impermeable when they’re closed, so you can use them to lower your air conditioning bills. During the summer, raise them all the way and let in the cool breeze. In the wintertime, keep them lowered to retain internal heat and keep the chill outside. Some shutters come with a warranty of up to ten years, so check with your manufacturer.

Well-made window shutters are attractive both inside and outside since they are double-sided. They are padded with foam for extra insulation. They are affordable and quick to install. Whichever option you select, make sure it’s installed by a professional, so you can get it done properly, save money, and enjoy your late morning snooze.

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