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Issues with buying truck parts off ebay

Issues With Buying Truck Parts off ebay

How well do you know your truck? If you’re an observant driver, you can probably tell when her handling is off, and you recognise the slightest shift in how she sounds. You might have learned to diagnose certain vehicular issues on your own, but there are still times when you need some help from the professionals.

For instance, you might know that when your truck lists to one side, it needs rebalancing, new wheels, or new bushes. But do you know exactly what those bushes look like? You might know the names of all your parts, but do you know where to get them, or how to identify them?

eBay Motors has established itself as a primary source of bargain motor parts, so it’s the first place many truck owners check when they’re looking for a deal. But if all you have to go on is a name, you may end up buying the wrong thing. You might Google the part just to know what it looks like, but there’s still a chance you might buy a gear stick when what you really need is a gear shaft.

Of course, if you know exactly what part you’re looking for and can identify it on sight, you’re still not sure that what you’re seeing is what you’re buying. The seller could simply have Googled an image and uploaded it. There’s no way to tell it’s the actual truck component that they’re selling.

In other instances, you might be looking at the right item. But all it takes is some photoshop and little lighting gymnastics to make a part look newer than it actually is. You may end up getting a part that’s in really bad condition.

Buying items on eBay requires a certain level of trust. eBay has badges to show that sellers are genuine and verified, but there’s always a slight chance you’re dealing with someone unscrupulous. That leaves you open to faulty parts, and it also opens the possibility of giving your shipping information to shifty characters and exposing yourself to malicious intent.

If you have an unusual truck model, possibly because it’s an older truck or imported, eBay may seem like your best option to get spare parts. But by the same token, a seller is likely to claim they have a niche part when they don’t, and you have no way of knowing for sure.

eBay also presents the problem of delivery. Sourcing a part online means your seller could be in any part of the globe. You might get the part at a great price, but once you tack on shipping charges, the cost could rise exponentially. And if the postal system is challenged where your seller lives, you might never get your delivery at all.

The reason many buyers end up on eBay is that they can’t afford the expense of buying parts from official dealers. eBay sellers might salvage parts from a scrapyard, or from other questionable means. Parts from a scrap yard might be damaged. Parts from other sources might be stolen or out of date. eBay spare truck parts are unlikely to carry a warranty or any other kind of consumer protection.

Another overlooked issue is global variants. You might find that the American or Asian version of your truck has slightly different specs, so if you buy an aftermarket part from another country, it may not work on your truck. You might also discover that using a spare part from a different geographical region voids your truck’s warranty.

If what you really need are bargain spare parts, there are better ways to get them than shopping on eBay. You should look up one of the Australian local companies that sell specifically in truck spare parts. They are likely to have formal arrangements and partnerships with official dealers. This helps them offer parts at competitive prices. In such cases, you can still buy online from the dealer’s website. However, unlike shopping on eBay, you’ll get a guarantee, so you’re more likely to get exactly what you ordered.

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