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5 Of The Best BBQ Models For Smoking Meats

Meat smoking has been part of the human tradition since prehistoric times. Originally, it was meant to be a form of meat preservation as smoked meat could last for several months while (unrefrigerated) fresh meat has a lifespan of a couple of days. However, while the main aim for smoking meat was to increase its shelf life, the smoking process added more flavour and character to the meat. This is what drives the popularity of smoked meat BBQ in modern times. Australia is renowned for its love for barbeques, and smoking the meat before, or during, the cooking process enhances the flavour. There are many BBQ grills available in Australia that include the meat smoking functionality. Five popular models currently available include:

1. The Weber Genesis II E-410 Gas Grill

The Genesis series from Weber has been recognised throughout its two-decade history as one of the most reliable and best-selling gas grill models in Australia. The Genesis II E-410 retains this heritage by being (almost unanimously) positively reviewed by buyers and industry experts. Gas grills are not as well known as smokers, but the Weber smoke box allows you to smoke your meat with the Genesis gas grill. The smoke box is filled with your preferred wood chips and placed over the cooking grate which allows the smoky flavour to permeate the meat as it is being cooked. With the Weber Genesis, you are guaranteed a high build quality, durability, even heat distribution and a 10-year warranty.

2. The Charmate Charcoal Smoker and Grill

Charmate is one of the big names in BBQ grill supply in Australia and their charcoal smoker and grill is one of the popular BBQ smokers in the market. Smoking is best done with a charcoal burner which allows for slow cooking and better smoke flavour infusion. The Charmate Charcoal Smoker and Grill can either be used as a smoker, a grill or with both functions occurring simultaneously. It comes with a water bowl which adds moisture during the cooking process and helps regulate temperatures better. For a versatile BBQ grill, its price is also quite pocket-friendly.

Charcoal Smoker

3. Char Griller Kamado

The Kamado is a type of ceramic cooker that has been used in Far East cuisine for thousands of years. One of the major players in the Australian BBQ scene, Char Griller, has developed their type of Kamado grill. The Char Griller Kamado uses charcoal heat and a specialised ceramic cooker that is guaranteed to spread heat more evenly than the more popular metallic cookers. Char Griller’s Kamado offers unmatched versatility with the Kamado being able to grill, roast, smoke, sear and bake your food. It adds modern functionality to the traditional Kamado by including a stainless steel grill and an inbuilt thermometer.

4. The Weber 47 cm Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Smokey mountain cooker is part of the impressive smoker series in the Weber charcoal range of cookers. It is the ultimate BBQ smoker since it was made specifically for smoking BBQ meat. Most of its competitors include smoking as an additional functionality to a conventional grill. The high-quality results it achieves in smoking and grilling has seen it being used by professional grillers, despite the model being aimed towards the home grilling market. It has large compartments for charcoal burning and grilling which makes it perfect for larger cuts of meat such as briskets and rib racks. It maintains temperature well and has a large (and refillable) water pan for temperature regulation. If you are an avid smoker, this is the right tool for the job.

5. The Anuka Electric Hot Smoker

This is the smallest, and only electric, smoker and grill on this list. It is a portable electric grill and smoker that allows for hot smoking (smoking during the cooking process). The wood chips are added to a compartment in its heating element to allow the smoke to be infused into the cooking meat. Its biggest selling point is its portability, if you have access to a generator, you can use it for your next fishing or camping trip. Despite its small size, it is a capable smoker that would make a fine addition to the avid smoker who requires a more portable option.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can find your perfect BBQ smoker on this list.
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