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All You Need to Know About Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a natural stone with numerous applications. It’s commonly used for floor tiling, kitchen countertops and wall tiles. Nonetheless, the most popular application is in outdoor use.

Limestone pavers are an excellent option for outdoor spaces and offer unique benefits. Unlike sandstone, limestone is not porous, and it’s resistant to water damage. On aesthetics, limestone pavers beat other natural stones like travertine and sandstone. There are many reasons to choose limestone for your outdoor space.

Here is all you need to know about limestone pavers and why they are a good choice.

Favourable outdoor qualities.

Several qualities make limestone pavers an excellent choice for outdoor installation. First, the stone is durable and has a high density. Limestone is much denser than sandstone and travertine pavers making it a superior option. However, the stone isn’t as durable as granite or bluestone pavers.

Limestone pavers have good drainage. As a result, they are great around pool areas. The stone also feels great on the feet due to its softness.

Limestone is also resistant to some chemical damage. The stone performs well on the salt test and shows remarkable performance around saltwater pools.


Like all natural stones, limestone pavers are a huge investment. The price tag reflects the years it takes for the stone to form and the daunting task of mining it. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile investment. The pavers offer years of impeccable performance that’s a great return on the initial investment.

Moreover, limestone pavers improve property value. The natural stone is a great selling point for both buyers and potential tenants. The pavers improve the aesthetics of outdoor spaces and offer a unique design appeal.


Limestone pavers are versatile and have numerous applications in outdoor spaces. They perform well around the pool area due to the resistance to salt damage and water damage. However, it’s essential to ensure the limestone pavers installed around the pool have passed all the resistance tests.

Moreover, limestone pavers are great for the walkways around your property. The stone can take on a lot of weight without damage. You can install the pavers on your driveway also. Limestone pavers on the driveway offer a superb visual introduction to your property.


Limestone pavers have unique design versatility. As a result, they are a great addition to an outdoor space.

The pavers on walkways can be laid in a uniform pattern with each block close to the adjacent one. Spacing can also be done giving room for grass to grow. Stones can be added around the pavers to enhance the design.

On the driveway, limestone pavers welcome a wide variety of styling options. For example, you can choose a uniform pattern with uniformly sized pavers or try a mosaic look with varied pavers.

Limestone pavers also come in different colour hues. Depending on your taste, you can choose anything from dark colours to warmer tones. Colour combinations are also great for extensive outdoor spaces.

The drawbacks

Limestone pavers have a few setbacks. First, the stone weathers when exposed to acid rain. Since the structure is primarily formed of basic compounds, exposure to acids causes a chemical reaction.

The stone is also not ideal for high traffic areas due to its vulnerability. However, when compared to igneous rocks, limestone shows less resistance to physical weathering.

The cost of limestone pavers is another major setback. Yes, the stone is unique and beautiful but the cost can turn people away. Cheap versions are available but they don’t offer good performance. Despite the drawbacks, limestone pavers are one of the best fittings for outdoor spaces. So invest in the stone and start enjoying the benefits.


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